BREAKING: Planned Parenthood Exposed!

Dear Friend,   Did you know that Planned Parenthood commits hundreds of thousands of abortions – destroys hundreds of thousands of human beings – every year?  Did you know that your tax money funds this abortion giant – whether you like it or not?   Well, we have good news.  Live Action is launching a national campaign to show the American people what this corrupt organization is doing with their money…and to give our leaders the knowledge they need to do their jobs, and protect us from being forced to fund a huge child-killing corporation.   Please visit and see just how deep this evil runs.  See what your tax money is funding.  And sign the petition to put a stop to abortion conscription.   We’ve spent years documenting the lies, the corruption, and the abuse running rampant in America’s abortion industry.  Planned Parenthood, the leader of that industry, got $500 million from “the government” – meaning you and me – in 2012.   To force Americans to fund the destruction of human beings – to fund an organization that aids sex-traffickers, promotes racism, and covers up the sexual abuse of children – is an abomination.   That’s why we’re taking action.  And we want you to join us.   Please visit our new site,, and sign our petition.  We’ve exposed this abortion corporation as one of the greatest purveyors in the world of the culture of death.   So now that you know, what will you do?

Yours in the fight for life,

Lila Rose President Live Action

PS: We have big plans for this campaign – plans that include shutting down the abortion giant’s hundred-million-dollar revenue stream for good.  You can help us make this victory happen by sending a 100% tax-deductible donation to Live Action, and signing the petition today.  Please join us!

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