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Dear Friend,

Emily Letts wants to make abortion something cool.  Something normal.  Something good.

Her abortion video, now making the rounds in the news, shows her smiling, humming, and telling herself how lucky she is to have an abortion.  It shows her accepting an unseen surgical procedure and singing the praises of the medical staff assisting her.

The video lies to us all.

The video doesn’t show the child’s pain as he or she is torn from the safe harbor of his or her mother’s uterus. It doesn’t show the dead victim of Letts’s seemingly “happy” experience.

The slaughtered child disregarded in this promotion of abortion will never have a voice, will never see the light of day, will never experience joy or exercise his or her rights.

In her own description below her YouTube video, Letts says, “I respect everyone’s opinions as long as they do not force them onto others.”

Is she not forcing her own opinion on her child’s very life?

Yours in the fight for life,

Lauren Merz
Strategic Development
Live Action

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