If it’s Not a Human, What is It?

Dear Friend,
If it’s not a human, what is it?
One of the most powerful ways to engage others in the discussion about abortion is through questions.  So our upcoming issue of the Advocate poses the core question: is what grows in the womb a human life?  Is it a person – not, in fact, an it, but a him or a her?
There’s little point in arguing about rape exceptions or violinists on life support or buffer-zone cases without establishing this foundational point: what human life is.
In other words, before you can get anywhere on pro-life issues, you have to establish the personhood of the child in the womb.
This is why we’re covering personhood in our newest edition of The Advocate.  Defining human life is so important to the pro-life cause: you’ll find that so many pro-abortion talking points blow away like dust when you have science- and logic-based facts to back up the position that the pre-born child is a person from the moment of his conception.
Because if that’s a person in there – a baby – the abortion advocate’s position becomes less about “choice” or “reproductive rights” or “privacy”…and more about which innocent people we as a society are comfortable with killing.
Our new Advocate is coming out soon…but what can you do today?  First, place your pre-order, so you can be among the first to spread this crucial pro-life resource in your community.  And second, ask your friends and family to pre-order as well.  We need strength in numbers if we’re going to beat the culture of death – and thousands of babies’ lives are at risk.
We accomplish so much for weak and defenseless children in the womb when we approach the abortion issue from a foundational angle.  In our newest Advocate, we ask a powerful, basic question: What is human life?  We’re hitting the heart of the matter – and you can help us change hearts while we’re at it.
Yours in the fight for life,
Maggen Elizabeth Stone
Executive Assistant Youth Outreach Coordinator Live Action

SOURCE: www.liveaction.org/

PS: We make a point of shipping and delivering The Advocate completely free of charge.  We don’t want anyone’s financial circumstances to prevent him or her from fighting for the sanctity of human life.  But you can help us defray the unavoidable costs of printing this incredible pro-life resource with a generous donation.  We’re so grateful for your support.

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