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U.S. Supreme Court Heard Oral Arguments in Susan B. Anthony List v. Steve Driehaus

Pro-life Friend –

What an exciting day!   This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Susan B. Anthony List v. Steve Driehaus.   As you know, this case is about free speech and our right to criticize politicians who turn their backs on unborn children and vote for taxpayer-funded abortion.   In 2010, SBA List tried to put up billboards to educate then-Rep. Steve Driehaus’ constituents of his support for taxpayer-funded abortion by voting for Obamacare. But the billboards never went up and our free speech rights were chilled.   Our legal team inside the courtroom thought the hearing went extremely well. As the Columbia Dispatch reported, a majority of justices expressed “grave doubts about the constitutionality” of the Ohio law Driehaus used to silence us.   Pray for a ruling in our favor – we are expecting a decision by the end of June!   I also thought you might like to take a look at some of the great media coverage of our case including: FOX News, Politico, Reuters, Washington Examiner, Wall Street Journal – just to name a few.After the hearing, SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser addressed the media gathered outside and reiterated our reason for being at the Supreme Court in the first place. Marjorie said:

“This lawsuit originated when we sought to criticize those who voted for Obamacare and the expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion it entailed. We have full confidence in the veracity of our claims and hope to see our First Amendment rights affirmed by the Court. In 2014 and beyond, we must be permitted to expose the truth about Obamacare and those who support it.”   Pro-life Friend, as you know, Obamacare is the largest expansion of taxpayer funding of abortion on-demand since Roe.   For nearly four years, your SBA List and other pro-life groups have stood with the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops and leading members of Congress in pointing out the hidden abortion funding problems in Obamacare.   These abortion problems blatantly contradict President Obama’s 2009 promise that “under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion.”   Our team will not rest in this fight – and we are fueled by your continued commitment to standing up to those who vote against unborn children and women. God bless you!
Mallory Quigley Communications Director Susan B. Anthony ListDonations can also be mailed to SBA List, Suite 550, 1707 L St., NW, Washington, DC 20036

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Planned Parenthood Fundraiser Mocks Catholic Church With “Queer Nuns”

Planned Parenthood Fundraiser Mocks Catholic Church With “Queer Nuns”

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 4/21/14 4:58 PM<!––><!––>


The Planned Parenthood abortion business in Seattle, Washington is taking a page out o the religious bigotry book in order to raise funds for itself.

Tomorrow night, the abortion corporation will stage “Bar Nun Bingo” at and, two days later, with hold another “Bar Nun Bingo” — fundraising events that, as Bill Donohue of the Catholic League tells LifeNews in an email, are aimed squarely at Catholics:

barnunbingoBoth fund-raising events will bash nuns, and will be led by the demonstrably anti-Catholic gay group, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Pictures of previous “Bar Nun Bingo” affairs show how sick it is.

Planned Parenthood has a long history of Catholic bashing. Its founder, Margaret Sanger, was both a racist and an anti-Catholic. In 1987, it trashed Mother Teresa, calling her an “old and withered person, who doesn’t look the least like a woman.” In 1994, it mocked the Eucharist at the Monmouth County Fair in New Jersey. In 1995, it blamed New York Archbishop John Cardinal O’Connor for the killing of an abortion doctor in Brookline, Massachusetts. In 1998, its opposition to school vouchers led it to brand the Catholic Church an “extremist” group on Long Island.

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In 1999, Planned Parenthood passed out green condoms on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day at the state Capitol in Connecticut. That same year it sought to oust the Holy See from its non-member state permanent observer status at the U.N. In 2000, it accused Pope John Paul II of waging “war” against the “sexual and reproductive rights” of women. In 2009, one of its male leaders in Florida dressed as a pregnant nun at a Halloween party; others joined him in a “Safe Sex Bash.” It regularly insults Christians at Christmas with its “Choice on Earth” program. And so on.

Planned Parenthood receives more than half a billion in tax dollars per year, a quarter of which comes from Catholics. We are writing to Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn, who has introduced a bill prohibiting public funds for abortion providers, about Planned Parenthood’s bigotry. We urge everyone to contact her.


Abortion Survivor Wows Crowd With Speech on Forgiveness, Value of Human Life

Abortion Survivor Wows Crowd With Speech on Forgiveness, Value of Human Life

by Life Institute | Dublin, Ireland | | 4/18/14 9:41 AM<!––><!––>



An 18-year old abortion survivor brought a packed Convention for Life in Dublin to its feet with a moving and inspiring testimony on forgiveness and the value of every human life. (Video at bottom).

Josiah Presley, originally from South Korea but now living in Oklahoma, said that when he first found out that his mother had wanted to abort him he was devastated and felt deep hurt and anger towards his birth parents.

However, he said, the power of God’s love meant he realised that he was “important to God and that every child was important to God” and this led him to forgive his parents whom he said he would like to meet some day.

josiahpresley“I wonder if they ever think about me,” he said. “I would like to tell them why I have forgiven them”.

He explained that he may have been one of twins and that the abortionist most likely did not realise one baby had survived the curettage abortion, which has left Josiah with a disabled arm.

Josiah said that he had survived the abortion by the grace of God and said that adoption was a real solution to the issue of crisis pregnancy. He had been adopted by a loving family in Oklohoma who have now adopted 10 children with a disability.

He shared a family photograph with the Convention, he said, “to tell you two things: first of for all my siblings, for their birth parents abortion would have been the convenient and easy thing solution, but if they hadn’t chosen life my family would not be what it is today.”

Secondly, he said, “to let you know that there are families out there willing and wanting to adopt  the least of these. I was saved from an untimely death and I was  placed in a home where I was loved and cared for and learned about the love of Christ, my admiration and my love for my parents has grown over the years as I’ve seen
their day in and day out sacrifice for me and my siblings.”

Urging the 800-plus attendees at the Convention to “fight the good fight” Josiah said that he was speaking out against abortion – and speaking out with a solution, because adoption was always a better answer than abortion.

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“Abortion is the destruction of beautiful innocent human beings who are important, who do have value, and who are loved,” he said to a sustained standing ovation.

Clare Molloy of Youth Defence said that his story was a huge inspiration to a new generation of pro-life activists and had the power to bring a great many people to the pro-life position.

“We were so grateful to Josiah for his powerful, humbling testimony,” she said. “It should be seen by everyone and we’ll be sharing it as widely as we can. His courage and grace are truly inspiring.”



Don’t Celebrate Lower Health Care Premiums for ObamaCare Plans When Their Cost is Less Access to Life-Saving Medical Treatment

NRL News Today

Don’t celebrate lower health care premiums for ObamaCare plans when their cost is less access to life-saving medical treatment

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By Jennifer Popik, JD, Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics

CBOlogoA Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report now documents that Obamacare exchange plans, while often cheaper, are restricting access to life-saving medical care.

According to the CBO’s recently released “Updated Estimates of the Effects of the Insurance Coverage Provisions of the Affordable Care Act, April 2014,” Obamacare’s insurance provisions will cost $104 billion less than projected over the next decade. However, these savings will come at tremendous cost. The CBO goes on to describe the reality — that while there are savings on insurance premiums, there is solid and growing evidence that these plans restrict access to life-saving medical treatment for ourselves, our family members, and our loved ones.

CBO writes,

“The plans being offered through exchanges in 2014 appear to have, in general, lower payment rates for providers, narrower networks of providers, and tighter management of their subscribers’ use of health care than employment-based plans do. Those features allow insurers that offer plans through the exchanges to charge lower premiums (although they also make plans somewhat less attractive to potential enrollees). As projected enrollment in exchange plans grows from an average of 6 million in 2014 to 24 million in 2016, CBO and JCT [Joint Committee on Taxation] anticipate that many plans will not be able to sustain provider payment rates that are as low or networks that are as narrow as they appear to be in 2014.”

Last year, when hundreds of thousands of Americans lost plans they liked, the administration claimed that “the new exchange plans would be better than your old plan.” This could not be father from the truth for tens of thousands.

As millions of Americans are attempting to start using their new Obamacare exchange health insurance plans, stories about denial of payment keep piling up. You can read more on this at The newly issued CBO report confirms, that exchange plans are restrictive. What’s worse, this is by design.

Rarely reported in the mainstream media is an Obamacare provision under which exchange bureaucrats must exclude health insurers who offer policies deemed to allow “excessive or unjustified” health care spending by their policyholders.

Under the Federal health law, state insurance commissioners are to recommend to their state exchanges the exclusion of “particular health insurance issuers … based on a pattern or practice of excessive or unjustified premium increases.” The exchanges not only exclude policies in an exchange when government authorities do not agree with their premiums, but the exchanges must even exclude insurers whose plans outside the exchange offer consumers the ability to reduce the danger of treatment denial by paying what those government authorities consider an “excessive or unjustified” amount.

This means that insurers who hope to be able to gain customers within the exchanges have a strong disincentive to offer any adequately funded plans that do not drastically limit access to care. So even if you contact insurers directly, outside the exchange, you are likely to find it hard or impossible to find an adequate individual plan. (See documentation at

When the government limits what can be charged for health insurance, it restricts what people are allowed to pay for medical treatment. While everyone would prefer to pay less–or nothing–for health care (or anything else), government price controls prevent access to lifesaving medical treatment that costs more to supply than the prices set by the government.

While Obamacare continues to roll out in 2014, it is important to continue to educate friends and neighbors about the dangers the law poses in restricting what Americans can spend to save their own lives and the lives of their families. You can follow up-to-date reports here:

Pope Francis Highlights Worth and Dignity of the Disabled, Washes Feet of 12 Disabled Patients

Pope Francis Highlights Worth and Dignity of the Disabled, Washes Feet of 12 Disabled Patients




In preparation for Easter Sunday, Pope Francis decided today to highlight the worth and dignity of disabled people — including washing the feet of 12 disabled patients at a care center.

popefrancis27At the Don Gnocchi Centre in Rome, the leader of the Catholic Church washed the feet of 12 people in a ceremony hearkening back to the number if disciples Jesus had. He and the elderly and disabled people celebrate the “In Coena Domini Mass” together before he washed their feet in a gesture of humility, recognition and respect.

Silvia Stefanoni, Deputy CEO and Director of Policy and Programmes at HelpAge International told Vatican Radio that the Pope’s actions helped highlight the needs of the elderly and disabled.

Silvia Stefanoni says she received the news of Pope Francis’s choice to celebrate the day meeting this particular group of people who are often excluded or hidden from society with delight: “I think he himself said that society tends to hide fragility – I think he said physical fragility, but of course it also mental fragility”.

popefrancis29The gesture – she says – will bring to light the issues that society needs to address in terms of ensuring that all people with some form of disadvantage or vulnerability are not “hidden” away but are brought into society where they can actively participate – whatever their conditions may be.

Stefanoni says she thinks that if this event resonates through the media “it will illustrate the difficulties that people in later life, when issues of disability and sometimes issues like alzheimers, dementia etc, create a special situation that needs to be addressed”. People should be given the possibility to make decisions regarding how they want to be supported and conduct their lives, how they want to be cared for she said.

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“So it is giving a voice, its showing respect for their dignity” highlighting the fact that care must be provided with these values in mind.

Stefanoni says that we know very well when these situations are hidden “situations of potential abuse and violence do emerge, and we know very well that this does not only happen in institutions but also within the family”.


5 Videos That Show Abortion Ends The Lives of Real Human Beings

5 videos that show abortion ends the lives of real human beings

In today’s modern age, it’s difficult to avoid the fact that unborn human beings are alive, growing, unique individuals – from the very first moment they come into existence. Yet some still manage to close their eyes to reality. It’s important to understand the things we claim to support. It’s essential to be aware of all the facts, not just the ones that seem to support our position.

And so, for anyone involved in the abortion debate – and for all those who are unsure exactly where they stand – here are five important videos. These short videos show just what that unborn baby in his mother’s womb looks like, at various stages of development. Modern scientific videos like these demonstrate that unborn babies are not:

  • A clump of cells
  • Part of his or her mother’s body
  • Similar to a virus or
  • Merely “potential” life

Rather than showing what abortion does to babies (you can see that here and here), these five videos demonstrate the reality and beauty of human life. Human life isn’t only beautiful after birth. Human life is beautiful – and worth valuing – at every stage. At the moment of fertilization, a new, unique human being comes into existence. She has her own unique DNA sequence that is present at that very moment. All she needs is a chance to grow and develop.

Who are we to deny her the chance that each of us were given?

Check out these amazing videos:

Note: There are no graphic images of abortion in the videos included below.

Ex-Boyfriend of Woman Who Killed Her Babies and Packed Them in Boxes is Shocked

Ex-Boyfriend of Woman Who Killed Her Babies and Packed Them in Boxes is Shocked

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 4/17/14 4:09 PM


The former boyfriend of the woman who allegedly killed seven of her babies and packed six of them in cardboard boxes is stunned.

Jimmy Brady, of Salt Lake City, says he was shocked to hear about what Megan Huntsman reportedly did and told a newspaper he had no idea about her past. He said he has been left depressed to hear about someone he cared about and how she killed her own children in such a gruesome manner.

meganhuntsman5Police believe Megan Huntsman, 39, gave birth to the babies then killed them over the past decade and they arrested her on Saturday after the grisly discovery. They found the babies following a call from Huntsman’s ex-husband about a dead infant found inside a Pleasant Grove home that Huntsman lived in until 2011. Officers arrived and found the body of a newborn infant, who appeared to be full term.

Brady, who lived with the 39-year-old at a trailer home for 18 months, said he has not been able to sleep since Huntsman was arrested on suspicion of murder. He told the London Daily Mail: “I swear I had no idea, no idea what she had done in her past.”

From the report

‘If I had known anything about her dark past I would never have started dating her. It just does not add up. I know what has been said, but I still can’t believe what they are saying about her.’

Brady, who lived with the 39-year-old at a trailer home in the West Valley City area of Salt Lake City, said he has not been able to sleep since Huntsman was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Looking tired and drawn, he trembled as he spoke nervously drawing on a cigarette.

Work colleagues said he has been left a shattered as the realization that he was living with a woman who has allegedly killed six of her newborn babies sunk in.

‘Jimmy is an innocent in this.He just can’t believe that the woman he loved has been accused of doing this. It is just horrendous,’ said a colleague at the supermarket where he works.

Brady, 37, has lived with Huntsman for over 18 months.

They met at Smith’s Grocery store in Pleasant Grove, the town where Huntsman lived with her three daughters.

Her relationship with Brady, a father of one, resulted in her being thrown out of her marital home by her in laws.

Stephen and Diane West had said she could continue to live in the three bedroom home after their son Darren was jailed on drugs charges provided she remained faithful.

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Brady, who shook with emotion as he spoke with MailOnline, insisted Huntsman had never talked about her past.

‘It was never spoken about. We did not talk about her past life and I had no reason to really ask,’ he said.

Horror find: Darren West, pictured, Megan Huntsman’s estranged husband found the body of a dead baby while cleaning out his parents’ house

‘I’m just a bystander in all of this. It has really shaken me up. What they are saying is not the Megan I knew.’

Police searched the home after getting a search warrant and found six more babies packaged in separate cardboard boxes inside the garage.

Huntsman allegedly gave birth to the infants, then killed them over a 10 year period. Her ex-husband is believed to be the father, but investigators are still looking for information from DNA tests to provide them with additional information. Police indicate they are not currently pursuing charges against the former husband.

Neighbors said they never suspected Hunstman was pregnant and they had trusted her to look after their children over the years and indicated there were no problems.

Huntsman told police that “she either strangled or suffocated them immediately after they were born,” the Associated Press reported. “She wrapped their bodies in a towel or a shirt, put them in plastic bags and then packed them inside boxes in the garage of her home south of Salt Lake City.”

Huntsman, 39, is charged with six counts of murder; she told authorities the seventh baby was stillborn. She is being held on $6 million bail, $1 million for each baby.

Pleasant Grove police Lt. Britt Smith said that during the interview with police, Huntsman was “unemotional and matter of fact.”


Why Euthanasia Slippery Slopes Can’t Be Prevented

NRL News Today

Why euthanasia slippery slopes can’t be prevented

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By Margaret Somerville

Margaret Somerville

Advocates of legalizing euthanasia reject “slippery slope” arguments as unfounded fear-mongering and claim that its use will always be restricted to rare cases of dying people with unrelievable, unbearable suffering. But, as the Netherlands and Belgium demonstrate, that’s not what results, in practice.

The logical and practical slippery slopes are unavoidable and inevitable, because those consequences are built into the act of legalization through its justification of inflicting death. Once we cross the clear line that we must not intentionally kill another person, there’s no logical stopping point.

Let me explain.

When euthanasia is first legalized, the usual necessary and sufficient justification for breaching that line is a conjunctive justification comprised of respect for individual autonomy and the relief of suffering. But as people and physicians become accustomed to euthanasia, they ask, “Why not just relief of suffering or respect for autonomy alone?,” and these become alternative justifications.

As a lone justification, relief of suffering allows euthanasia of those unable to consent for themselves. Pro-euthanasia advocates argue that allowing euthanasia is to do good to suffering, mentally competent people. Consequently, denying it to mentally incompetent suffering people unable to consent is wrong; it’s discrimination on the basis of mental handicap. So suffering people with dementia or disabled newborn babies or children should be given access to euthanasia, as we have just seen legally allowed in Belgium.

And if one owns one’s own life and no one else has the right to interfere with one’s decisions in that regard, as pro-euthanasia advocates also claim, then respect for the person’s autonomy is a sufficient justification for euthanasia. That is, the person need not be suffering to have access, hence the proposal in the Netherlands that euthanasia should be available to those “over 70 and tired of life.”

And once the initial justification for euthanasia is expanded, why not allow some other justifications, for instance, saving on healthcare costs, especially with an aging population? Until very recently, this was an unaskable question.

Now, it’s being raised in relation to euthanasia. It’s anecdotal, but a final year medical student in a class I was teaching became very angry because I rejected his insistent claim that legalizing euthanasia was essential to save the healthcare costs of an aging population.

The practical slippery slope is unavoidable because familiarity with inflicting death causes us to lose a sense of the awesomeness of what euthanasia involves–killing another human being. The same is true in making euthanasia a “medical” act.

In summary, familiarity with inflicting death and making euthanasia a medical act make both its logical extension and its abuse, in practice, much more likely, indeed, I believe inevitable. That means we need to stay firmly behind the clear line that establishes that we do not intentionally kill each other by rejecting the legalization of euthanasia.

Margaret Somerville is the founding director of the Centre for Medicine, Ethics and Law at McGill University. This appeared at


Hospital let 22-Week Preemie Die Despite Mother’s Urgent Pleas

Hospital let 22-week preemie die despite mother’s urgent pleas

by Peter Baklinski

  • Wed Apr 16, 2014 15:15 EST
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ESSEX, UK, April 16, 2014 ( – A UK hospital has apologized to a woman four years after doctors and staff let her 22-week premature son die in her arms within an hour of being born, despite the mother’s urgent pleas for help.

Tracy Godwin, who in 2010 held her newborn son Tom for 46 minutes before he ceased breathing, said she was never told about the hospital’s policy stating that babies born before 23 weeks would be left to die.

Tracy Godwin

But the hospital has not indicated that it has changed its policy, only that it now has new guidelines in place for staff to deal properly with such cases.

A coroner has determined Southend Hospital in Essex made a series of errors including poor communication, lack of qualified staff remaining with Godwin after the delivery, and inadequate counseling following the baby’s death, reported Daily Mail.

Godwin said if she had known the hospital’s policy, she would have given birth somewhere else. The traumatic experience still haunts her.

“They put him in my arms and he cried and was wriggling around. I could feel him breathing and see his eyelashes and toes,” she said.

“But I kept thinking, ‘Where’s the incubator?’ We were begging the midwives to do something to help him but no one was saying anything. He was not stillborn, he was trying to live.”

“If they had tried for an hour and said they couldn’t do anything more for him or he was severely brain-damaged that would have been different, but he wasn’t given a chance.”

It was not until 6 weeks after the death of her son that Godwin learned about the non-resuscitation policy during a meeting with senior hospital staff.

Current UK ethical guidelines employed by many hospitals suggest that preterm infants “less than or equal to 22 weeks’ gestation” be left to die while receiving “compassionate care only.”

A baby girl born prematurely at a UK hospital in 2012 barely escaped death after doctors discovered that she weighed just enough to be considered “viable” according to their standards of infant care, not realizing that it was a pair of scissors left accidentally on the scale that bumped up the baby’s weight to their acceptable standard.

Godwin, who has received undisclosed damages from the hospital, believes that her ordeal has “brought about significant change at the hospital, and the fact that no other mother will go through what I went through.”

The coroner ruled that the baby died from natural causes and that the hospital’s lack of care “did not affect the outcome.”


Prayers from Assisi

Dear Friend of Life,
I’m doing a pilgrimage in Assisi, meditating on the Passion of our Lord as we anticipate the Resurrection.
It strikes me in this place of peace that before the greatest victories, we sometimes endure the greatest struggles.  I think this Holy Week is a special time to contemplate our mission.  We must recognize that we face a great evil – and so our duty to expose it, to challenge it, is all the more crucial.
This evil will be overcome only with good – the good of the proclamation of life.
Life: Christ rising from the tomb.
Life: mankind restored to our original destiny.
Life: the unparalleled beauty of each little child, even from the moment of her conception – that single-celled zygote.
Daily we encounter in our work the violence of abortion against a newly forming human being.  The pain it brings to mothers, to families.  How it undoes the fabric of our society.  As we work tirelessly to expose this, and to challenge it in public discourse – bringing our message to the media, to young people, to government officials, and beyond – we point to the image of God in each person, which inspires us to fight for all people.
I am praying for our mission and for our team.  I am praying for each of our supporters.  I may not know you all by name, but I’m so grateful for the stand you’ve taken in helping us bring about a culture of life.
Thank you so much for allowing me to share my Holy Week reflection with you.  I ask for your prayers for me and for our work.  May God bless you richly as we await the Resurrection.
Yours in the fight for life,

Lila Rose President Live Action

SOURCE: Live Action
Our mailing address is: Live Action 2200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 102 #111Arlington, VA 22201