Prayers from Assisi

Dear Friend of Life,
I’m doing a pilgrimage in Assisi, meditating on the Passion of our Lord as we anticipate the Resurrection.
It strikes me in this place of peace that before the greatest victories, we sometimes endure the greatest struggles.  I think this Holy Week is a special time to contemplate our mission.  We must recognize that we face a great evil – and so our duty to expose it, to challenge it, is all the more crucial.
This evil will be overcome only with good – the good of the proclamation of life.
Life: Christ rising from the tomb.
Life: mankind restored to our original destiny.
Life: the unparalleled beauty of each little child, even from the moment of her conception – that single-celled zygote.
Daily we encounter in our work the violence of abortion against a newly forming human being.  The pain it brings to mothers, to families.  How it undoes the fabric of our society.  As we work tirelessly to expose this, and to challenge it in public discourse – bringing our message to the media, to young people, to government officials, and beyond – we point to the image of God in each person, which inspires us to fight for all people.
I am praying for our mission and for our team.  I am praying for each of our supporters.  I may not know you all by name, but I’m so grateful for the stand you’ve taken in helping us bring about a culture of life.
Thank you so much for allowing me to share my Holy Week reflection with you.  I ask for your prayers for me and for our work.  May God bless you richly as we await the Resurrection.
Yours in the fight for life,

Lila Rose President Live Action

SOURCE: Live Action
Our mailing address is: Live Action 2200 Wilson Blvd, Suite 102 #111Arlington, VA 22201

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