Another Botched Abortion, Another Young Woman Killed By “Choice”

April 4, 2014

Dear Friends,

Below is Janet Morana’s column, Another botched abortion, another young woman killed by “choice,” about a beautiful young lady, Lakisha Wilson, who was recently killed in an Ohio abortion mill. Priests for Life is very much involved in speaking up for this young lady and exposing the injustice done to her and her baby.

I encourage you to read Janet’s book, Recall Abortion, in which she exposes the myriad ways abortion exploits women, and calls for a national recall of this deadly procedure.  You can order the book at and on that site you can also sign a petition to demand that we recall this failed product known as abortion.

Also, as you know, Sunday, April 27th is the canonization of Pope John Paul II. In honor of this occasion, we at Priests for Life have prepared a special prayer card which thanks the Lord for the life and witness of this Pope of Life.

You can see the text of the prayer at, and can place an order there for as many as you would like. Please invite your pastor to give out these prayer cards to the congregation on Sunday, April 27th!

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Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Another botched abortion, another young woman killed by “choice” 

April 2, 2014

by Janet Morana
Executive Director, Priests for Life
Co-Founder, Silent No More Awareness Campaign

Lakisha Wilson would be alive today if we cared about women’s health. Because if we did, if we really cared about women’s health, we would have banned abortion long ago, as soon as it became obvious that abortion was equally deadly in the front office and the back alley.

Yesterday we watched the CEO of General Motors get a public dressing-down because her company failed to recall cars to perform a very inexpensive fix until thirteen people had died. The broken-hearted families of some of these GM victims have been interviewed on television and we feel for them. We understand their grief. We know that losing a loved one from a completely preventable cause feels woefully unfair.

We may never see the family of Lakisha Wilson on TV. We will not be shown what her family is going through, knowing that they lost this beautiful 22-year-old woman because of a harmful and deadly procedure that should have been recalled decades ago. Certainly no CEO will face a congressional grilling. Did you see Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards facing angry politicians after one of her clinics let Tonya Reaves bleed to death in Chicago? No.

When abortion is the cause of death, there is a whole new set of rules. It’s not mentioned in the media. Death certificates are tailored to make it seem that it wasn’t the abortion that killed these women. The pro-aborts on Twitter barely make a sound. But the fact remains that Lakisha Wilson would be alive today if she hadn’t gone to Preterm clinic in Cleveland to end the life of her baby. And her child would still be kicking in her womb.

The cloak of silence around abortion is so heavy that we would not even know of Lakisha’s death had it not been for the pro-life protesters and sidewalk counselors who watched her taken away by ambulance, and we would not have heard the total nonchalance with which a clinic worker summoned an ambulance to attend a to a young woman who was not breathing if not for the tireless efforts of our friends at Operation Rescue. They are leading a press conference today to make sure people do learn of Lakisha and what killed her.

There is never a reason compelling enough to kill an unborn child, but somehow we as a society have learned to avert our eyes. We cannot let this willful blindness obscure the truth about abortion. It is a harmful product that kills women and their children, and it needs to be recalled before one more mother exercises her freedom of choice and dies in the process.

Please go to and sign the petition to demand that abortion is taken off the market.

And if you are not convinced then read my book, Recall Abortion where there is compelling evidence as to why this product called abortion should be recalled!

This column and more like it can be read on Janet’s Blog.

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