Shameful veto, action needed ASAP

Shameful veto, action needed ASAP

Pro-life friend —

Here is the urgent situation at hand:   Last night, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin of West Virginia – who campaigned as a pro-life Democrat and won by a just a handful of votes – shamefully VETOED a compassionate 20 week abortion limit that had been passed by the legislature with overwhelming margins.   Now, because of Governor Tomblin’s betrayal of unborn babies and mothers, West Virginia law will continue to allow the killing of unborn children up to the moment of birth, for any reason.   Take Action: Let’s fill Governor Tomblin’s email box with outraged messages from all over the country and be a voice for the voiceless children he has betrayed.   To add to the betrayal, Governor Tomblin vetoed the bill right as pro-life activists from across the state were having their annual Rose Dinner to celebrate their victory and raise needed funds to continue the charge.   It was because of the tenacity of pro-life activists in West Virginia that this legislation passed by huge margins – 79 to 17 in the House, and 29 to 5 in the Senate.   But despite these huge margins, Governor Tomblin turned his back on the unborn and caved to the extreme abortion lobby in West Virginia. During his run for Governor, Tomblin campaigned as pro-life and it was because of his commitment to protecting the unborn that he won by just a handful of votes.   Take Action Now: Be a voice for the unborn children Governor Tomblin shamefully betrayed.   And be assured I will continue to keep you updated on the situation.   Thankful for your dedication to this cause,

Marjorie Dannenfelser President, Susan B. Anthony List

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