Federal Court of Appeals Upholds the Re-Prioritization of Planned Parenthood Funds Formula

Federal Court of Appeals Upholds the Re-Prioritization of Planned Parenthood Funds Formula

Dear Statewide Media,

This week, the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a Kansas law that re-prioritizes family planning funding from Planned Parenthood and to public health departments.  As you know, last summer, Governor Kasich signed a similar family planning funding strategy into law in Ohio. AP reports,

“The appeals court panel rejected Planned Parenthood’s claims that losing the family planning money amounted to a violation of free-speech rights for associating with abortion providers. It also said that the supremacy clause does not necessarily entitle Planned Parenthood to a court order forcing the state to continue the family planning funding.”

Ohio Right to Life is encouraged to see the federal courts affirm our family planning funding in other states. Since our law’s beginning stages, we took great care to ensure that it was constitutional and would therefore effectively protect the conscience rights of taxpayers and advance health care in Ohio. We are gratified to see it working.

For questions, please contact Laura Beth Kirsop, Director of Communications, at 614.547.0099, ext. 309.

Best Regards,

Katie McCann

Public Relations Manager

To learn more about Ohio Right to Life please visit our website at

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