ORTL Board Member Responds to Akron Beacon Journal

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Recently, the Akron Beacon Journal ran an editorial blasting the Ohio Right to Life PAC for its endorsement of Caleb Davenport over Frank LaRose. ORTL Board Member Carrie Snyder graciously responded with a savvy letter to the editor, which ran today. Please find the text below, or click the image on the right to read the letter.

We strongly recommend chapters to forward this must-read letter to their email lists and to use its information to respond to questions about the endorsement.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

All the best,

Katie McCann

Public Relations Manager


As a member of the board of trustees for the Ohio Right to Life Society and a pro-life voter in the 27th Ohio Senate District, I felt compelled to respond to the March 16 editorial “Looks personal.”


Absent the facts, I can understand how Ohio Right to Life’s collective decision to not endorse state Sen. Frank LaRose’s re-election caught some by surprise. In the editorial questioning our decision, the newspaper lauded LaRose for taking strong positions on online voter registration, redistricting reform, workplace equality and oil and gas regulation.


If Ohio Right to Life based its candidate endorsements on those issues, LaRose would have a strong case for support. However, we base our decisions on a candidate’s actions and stated commitment in defense of innocent human life.


LaRose’s positions on the sanctity of human life, as evidenced by his written responses to the Ohio Right to Life PAC candidate questionnaire, are less than stellar. On many core pro-life issues, LaRose and Ohio Right to Life simply disagree.


In fact, LaRose’s response to our candidate questionnaire ranked among the lowest of any legislator who sought Ohio Right of Life’s endorsement. This is why we unanimously voted not to endorse him.


LaRose should not be surprised when organizations he does not support do not endorse him.


Carrie Snyder


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To learn more about Ohio Right to Life please visit our website at www.ohiolife.org.

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