The Truth About Roe v. Wade

The Truth About Roe v. Wade


 Roe v. Wade is the single-most destructive Supreme Court ruling in history. It is responsible for the death of over 55 million human lives, and harming millions of women and men whose “choice” has caused them immeasurable pain. The supremely wrong decision (like many other Supreme Court rulings in American history) allowed the killing of an unborn child through the 7th month of pregnancy (the point of viability). Based on a complete lie (Jane Roe had originally claimed she had been raped) the justices never even heard from the actual plaintiff. She was merely a pawn. Jane Roe is actually Norma McCorvey. Many people don’t realize that she actually gave birth to her child and placed her for adoption. Due to the influence of pro-life advocates, in 1995, everything changed.  She became a Christian (Roman Catholic) and was Roe no more. Today, McCorvey passionately defends women and their unborn children and is fighting to overturn Roe v. Wade.
“Texas urges that, apart from the Fourteenth Amendment, life begins at conception and is present throughout pregnancy, and that, therefore, the State has a compelling interest in protecting that life from and after conception. We need not resolve the difficult question of when life begins.” –Justice Harry Blackmun in his majority Opinion in Roe v. Wade decision

The Supreme travesty (ruling 7-2) found that Texas violated ”the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, which protects against state action the right to privacy, including a woman’s qualified right to terminate her pregnancy”.1 The effect of that decision struck down state laws across the nation that charged doctors with a felony that resulted in imprisonment of at least a year, fines and in some instances cancellation of their licenses. Some states elevated the penalty against a physician to the level of murder when the mother was also killed.

Picture ©Boston Globe

Jane Roe (Norma McCorvey) and Gloria Allred celebrating legal abortion before Norma’s conversion. Image ©Boston Globe

But here’s the painful irony.  The ‘Due Process Clause’ was the foundation for Roe v. Wade, forming the majority opinion. This phrase is found in the 14th Amendment,2 one of the Reconstruction Amendments–amendments that finally ascribed humanity and personhood to black people. Yet, in some perversion of justice, this amendment was twisted by our Supreme Court and used to strip any humanity and personhood protections from the unborn. This bizarre reasoning made a right to abort from these words: “Nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law”. This is perplexing. A right to kill an unborn life culled from words that forbid it. This amendment was passed in 1868 and ascribed citizenship to Black Americans. Yet, 36 states did not change their abortion laws because there was no right to abort inherent in either the 14th amendment or the Constitution.3 The authors of the 14th amendment never intended for it to be related to the matter of abortion in any way.  And now, 55 million lives later, people still don’t know the simple truth about how Roe v. Wade was a supreme abuse of power.

Today, Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) is now a passionate prolife advocate.

Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe) never had an abortion. She placed her daughter for adoption. Today, Norma is a passionate prolife advocate and devotes her life to her “Roe No More Ministry”

The motivation behind the Roe case however, was less about women’s rights and more about continuing the motivating force behind the Birth Control movement–eugenics–a racist pseudoscience that sought to control certain populations.  As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg revealed in a July 7, 2009 New York Times Magazine article, she and others commonly believed “at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”4 Roe was the case the pro-abortion community showcased to ensure population control of blacks, the poor and other minorities.  Norma McCorvey was on drugs, an alcoholic and was homeless.5 But as is the case with Planned Parenthood, charity and solving the root of the problem wasn’t their concern (see section on Margaret Sanger).  The right to exterminate life, even while a women’s life is falling apart, is all that mattered.

  • FALSE Roe v. Wade allows abortion up to 3 months. TRUE It allows abortion through the 7th month.
  • FALSE Jane Roe’s pregnancy was a result of rape.  TRUE This pregnancy was not due to rape.
  • FALSE Jane Roe aborted her child. TRUE She gave birth to her child & placed her for adoption.
  • FALSE Jane Roe is the poster girl for abortion. TRUE In 1995, she became a ProLife advocate.

Doe v. Bolton – The nail in the coffin

A companion case to Roe, Doe v. Bolton, removed the restrictions a state might place on when an abortion could be performed. It allowed for abortion at any stage to protect the “mother’s health.” This case was decided on the same day as Roe on January 22, 1973, and originated in Georgia.  Just as Norma McCorvey, Doe in this instance (Sandra Cano) was duped and used by her lawyers.  She never even wanted to have an abortion.6

Her appeal to the Supreme Court was refused and dismissed in 2006, although the woman behind the law that allowed Partial Birth Abortion, never personally testified in court in the original case.7 Those who champion women’s rights (especially of a right of a woman to be heard in her own legal case) are painfully silent about this travesty of justice. This is the sham of so-called “women’s rights”. You have rights as long as, ideologically, you agree with NOW, NARAL “Pro-Choice” America or Planned Parenthood. Women were disempowered by Roe while men were empowered to have sex and run. Roe’s impact on our society is widespread, from rampant abortions to devastating fatherlessness, exponentially higher STDs and increased poverty among women and children. This is not “reproductive freedom” but reproductive self-destruction.


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