App Encourages Prayer For Women Considering Abortion

App encourages prayer for women considering abortion

A US pro-life organisation is hoping to encourage more supporters to engage in prayerfully supporting their ministry

Published 24 January 2014  |  Carey Lodge

A new app has been launched to enable Christians to pray for men and women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and uncertainty over whether they should keep their child. 

The app keeps pro-life supporters up to date with specific prayer requests and news, while also offering the ability to give financially to the cause.

The organisation behind the app is Online for Life, a non-profit outreach based in the US that aims to provide “comprehensive care to abortion-determined women and men in their deepest time of need”.

It works both on and offline to reach those considering terminating their pregnancy, coming alongside them and connecting them with life-affirming centres that provide a free ultrasound and resources on the other options available, including adoption.

OFL claims to have saved 1,447 babies so far.

Believing that life begins at conception, the organisation cites the 55 million unborn children aborted in America since 1973 as its primary motivation. The emotional, physical and psychological trauma associated with abortion inspires the team to introduce potential parents to “life-affirming organisations where love and information can be shared in a compassionate, non-judgemental way”.

The new prayer app – available at – launched this month. It celebrates lives saved and gives notifications about women in crisis who need prayer.

Users are notified when someone in their area makes contact with a life-affirming centre in OFL’s network, meaning that they can pray for the individuals and families involved immediately.

The app also connects supporters to one another and encourages them to share with their friends and create mobile prayer groups. It shows the number of people who are already praying for life both in their area and across the US and offers an “impact feed” to celebrate the difference they are making by supporting the cause.

An ‘Events’ feature will also give information on local and national life-affirming events such as the March for Life, while ‘Updates’ will share client stories and updates on OFL.

Online for Life co-founder and president Brian Fisher has said he is “excited” about the newfound ability to connect with supporters and share prayer requests.

“What we love most about the new version is that users can see the direct impact they are having on saving babies, keeping them engaged in the process and encouraged about how they truly can make a difference,” he says.

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