How Should Pro-Lifers Talk About Birth Control?

How Should Pro-Lifers Talk About Birth Control?

by Josh Brahm | Washington, DC | | 2/18/14 11:19 AM

We’ve been wanting to shoot an episode on this topic for several years, and it’s finally done! It’s sometimes a contentious topic among pro-life people, but it’s an important one nonetheless.

How should pro-life people think and talk about birth control, aside from the important religious debate about whether or not you should plan your family?

Dr. Rich Poupard from Life Training Institute comes on the show to offer his expertise.


  1. How does Plan B work according to the research and what does a woman’s weight have to do with it’s effectiveness?
  2. Do you think women are getting enough information about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of Plan B?
  3. Why will the new Plan B research probably result in MORE abortifacient use, and not less?
  4. Were pro-abortion-choice advocates talking about the new Plan B/weight study when it came out, or have they been hesitant to discuss it publicly?
  5. What’s the connection between abortifacient IUD’s and implantables and Obamacare?
  6. Knowing everything you know, how would you train pro-life advocates to talk publicly about birth control?
  7. What should pro-lifers talk about when discussing the public policy side of this issue? Parental involvement?
  8. How would you answer in 60-seconds the direct question of whether Plan B causes abortions or not?

BONUS: Click here to hear the questions I asked Dr. Poupard about birth control pills that we didn’t have time to fit into the Life Report episode.



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