Special Meeting TONIGHT with Marco Rubio

January 28, 2014
Dear Friend,

 Senator Marco Rubio:   

“Every life at every stage is precious….This issue of life is a fundamental issue. It’s not a political issue. For me it’s not about denying anybody the right to do anything. I’m not in the business of going around denying people what they want to do with their bodies or with their lives. This is about protecting people, human beings who maybe can’t speak yet and haven’t been born, perhaps don’t have a name or a social security number but they’re fully human nonetheless. They’re valuable and they’re precious and they deserve to be protected.”


For Life,

Denise Leipold

Executive Director




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Youth for Life of Northeast Ohio is a program of Right to Life of Northeast Ohio. Life Education Fund is a 501c3 affiliate with Right to Life of Northeast Ohio.  Contributions to Life Education Fund are tax deductible under IRS rules and regulations.
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