Congressman: Seeing My Son Respond to My Voice in the Womb Made Me Pro-Life

Congressman: Seeing My Son Respond to My Voice in the Womb Made Me Pro-Life

by Steven Ertelt | Washington, DC | | 1/30/14 1:48 PM

Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina gave a moving speech during the debate leading up to passage of a bill that would ban taxpayer financing of abortions.

markmeadowsDuring the debate, Meadows shared a personal story of how he had said nothing on the issue of abortion until seeing and interacting with his son in the womb cemented his pro-life views.

“For far too long I was silent on this particular issue. Some 22 years ago, as we were expecting our first child and my wife was pregnant, I began to talk to her about this particular thing,” Meadows explained.

“And there my son was kicking in his mother’s womb and as we started to see this, I realized very profoundly that not only was it life, but that it responded and my son was responding to my voice and touch. And as we saw that, I realized that I had been silent for far too long,” he continued. “For us to not say something today, to allow — regardless of where you are on this particular issue – to allow taxpayer to be spent – for many of us who find this to be appalling — it’s something we must stand together. So for those who can’t speak for themselves I stand here today and ask my colleagues to support this particular legislation.”


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