Why We Will March for Life: Because It’s Time to End Abortion

Why We Will March for Life: Because It’s Time to End Abortion

by Jessica Schildt | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 1/17/14 1:41 PM

January brings several key pro-life events to Washington D.C, but the largest is the March for Life.Beginning at the National Mall and ending at the Supreme Court, the March remains the largest Civil Rights event in the world, with millions of attendees over its four decades.

Originally, the March for Life began as a small demonstration observed on January 22, 1974, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, for fear that that day would pass without any observance of the tragedy of abortion—and its fatal injustices toward children and horrific effects on women.

Founder Nellie Gray, who passed away in August 2012, is often called the “Joan of Arc of the pro-life Movement” for her tireless devotion to the protection of the pre-born. The event that she and a small group of concerned pro-life advocates created now includes much more than the original march. Keynote speakers bolster the event, and a series of connected pro-life events take place during the week. The pro-life presence in the nation’s capital around is staggering on account of these events—last year, over 650,000 people participated.

Events like the March for Life serve many significant purposes in the pro-life movement. They remind us that people all across the nation want to see the end of forty years of abortions. Pro-life leaders in all capacities—whether leading a ministry, a small church group, or a campus club—receive the training and connections they need to further their efforts. And they compel citizens to stop and consider why they support the sanctity of life.

As the week of January 20th approaches, consider ways to get involved. Reflect upon the answers to these key questions regarding abortion: what is wrong with abortion? What are the consequences of abortion? Why should the government protect life? How can we help women facing difficult choices?

This year, share your reasons for supporting life on social media with the hashtag #WhyWeMarch on Twitter, and “like” the March for Life’s page on Facebook.

The March for Life’s theme this year is adoption. Events such as the March for Life empower us to spread the truth about alternatives to abortion to our communities—ultimately with the goal of ending abortion in America.

This march and these events are more than a mere pep rally, and they are even more than the dreams of one determined woman. They represent the population in America that refuses to stand for the culture of death. They represent the support and sacrifice of many who are dedicated to seeing the end of abortion in this nation. They represent, above all, the truth that every human has a right to life which ought to be protected.

For more information regarding the March for Life and connected events, visit their website



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