Organization ‘Women Speak for Themselves’

Organization ‘Women Speak for Themselves’ proves many women disagree with mandated contraception

The organization Women Speak for Themselves (WSFT) was recently established to acknowledge the many women whose views on contraception and the HHS mandate are not represented by so-called women’s rights groups.

In an open letter to congress (specifically to President Obama and Secretary Sebelius), WSFT outlined the concerns shared by large numbers of American women about the nature of the HHS mandate and about the fact that progressive organizations have been erroneously claiming to speak for all women in their approval of the legislation.

The letter is straightforward and to-the-point. It acknowledges that the voices being represented are those in-line with Catholic teaching on matters of sexuality, but affirms that there are many non-Catholic women who stand with the Church as a representative of their own thoughts in this regard. These women feel slighted by the notion that potentially-abortifacient drugs with a high propensity to cause physical detriment to women’s bodies are being touted as a boon to women’s freedom. 

The group has accumulated well over 40,000 signatures. The organization provides fact sheets on religious freedom, the HHS mandate, and risk compensation, and maintains a blog to showcase the voices of women who do not feel benefited by the HHS mandate, and in many ways feel that it is a blow to true womanhood. Click here to learn more or to sign the letter.

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