The “Post-Roe” Generations: Caring and Compassionate and Wanting to Protect the Rights of the Most Vulnerable

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January 10, 2014   Pro-Lifers

The “post-Roe” generations: caring and compassionate and wanting to protect the rights of the most vulnerable


By Carol Tobias, President, National Right to Life

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias

I had the opportunity in recent months to speak on the campuses of both Princeton University, as a guest of the American Whig-Cliosophic Society, and the University of Dallas, as a guest of Crusaders for Life. These are two very different campuses, but both had wonderful, sincere students with similar questions.

Many of them wanted to know how they can impact their generation in favor of life. One young man wanted to know if he should even get involved in what is touted as “a woman’s issue.” Another wanted to know how he could influence people since he isn’t very outgoing and comfortable with bringing up the issue of abortion for discussion.

One young lady already has a plan to get involved in politics and hopes to end up in Congress. Others wanted to know about internship possibilities with NRLC or wanted more information on our summer Academy, or “pro-life boot camp” as I like to call it.

It is very encouraging to spend time with the “post-Roe” generations. They are caring and compassionate, wanting to protect the rights of the most vulnerable. They are bold and eager to make a difference.

But many of them also need guidance and education. They need to hear from, and maybe even be mentored by adult pro-lifers who will help them understand the issues and how to respond to pro-abortion challenges.

Those who have been in the pro-life movement for a while can help young people by showing them what opportunities are available to influence their local community and encouraging them to take a stand. In return, we need to be open to new ideas and new strengths brought to the Movement by young people with fresh energy. Because we have done something a particular way for several years doesn’t mean it can’t be done differently, or maybe even better.

If you don’t have active young people in your chapter or local group, find ways to reach out and get them involved. The post-Roe generations want to make a difference.

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