“A Baby’s First Months” Brochure In Stock And Ready To Be Ordered

NRL News Today
January 8, 2014   Fetal Development

“A Baby’s First Months” brochure in stock and ready to be ordered


abfm-cover-4webNational Right to Life just received a shipment of the wonderful and educational pamphlet “A Baby’s First Months!” We are fully stocked and ready to take your orders.

“A Baby’s First Months” is a truly remarkable, full-color brochure which follows the development of the unborn child in utero from fertilization until birth. It documents the development milestones that occur during a baby’s first months of life, including the development of her fingers and toes, ears, and her capacity to feel pain. A must-have for every pro-lifer!

All pricing includes regular United States Postal Service (USPS) or ground shipping in the USA. There is a minimal order of 5 pamphlets.

To place your orders, please email us at stateod@nrlc.org. If you are ordering from outside the United States, call 202-378-8843 for shipping information. The prices of the pamphlets are:

5 – 99              $.50 each
100 – 499       $.40 each
500 plus        $.30 each

So stock up now and get your order in early for one of the best educational tools available in the pro-life movement! 

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