January 2, 2014
Dear Friend,

          If you have been receiving our regular e-mail messages, you know that I try to use a subject line that will get more people to open the mail! Even the most passionate of us sometimes ignore messages that we should read because we think it is going to be more of the same!   I hope the subject of this message got your attention and that you’ll forward this to as many as you can!

Of course you know that I’m not advocating killing animals! Our mission is to save innocent human life. We are highly criticized for opposing abortion, euthanasia and more, and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been called a terrorist, woman hater, idiot and much more (and worse, too). If we show pictures of ultrasounds, or God forbid, show a photo of an aborted child, it gets even worse. We DO know that the bulk of the opposition and marketing against us is being funded by the lucrative abortion industry. As moral human beings, we are lambasted for trying to protect children…and YES they are children, even before they are born. Why am I dwelling on this now?   I’ve experienced some personal hardship and family tragedy this holiday season that is making me ultra sensitive to everything. I can’t help but feel the irony of the situation while watching the myriads of fund raising commercials for the ASPCA, Save The Whales and more over the holidays. While viewing photos of neglected and abused animals, some of things I’ve heard on these commercials include:

  •  From Dogs In Danger: “Tell your friends to adopt dogs instead of buying in pet shops. Adopting dogs rather than buying from pet shops will save thousands of dogs from being euthanized in shelters every day. A dog is killed approximately every 9 seconds. Teach your children to value dog’s lives. Learning to value life begins at an early age. Studies have shown that teaching children how to stop the neglect and abuse of animals through early humane education stays with them into adulthood”.
  •  From Save the Whales: It “was founded in 1977 when Maris Sidenstecker was 14 years old, and focuses on educating the public, especially children, about marine mammals and the fragile ocean environment. Save the Whales believes children, the future of the planet, need to be empowered and know that their actions can promote change. Education is the key to saving whales, oceans, and ourselves.”
  • From “We asked 2,500 shelters across the U.S. to stop killing dogs and cats for one day a week. We said please stop killing animals on all Mondays, beginning on Monday, December 23 and continuing for all Mondays. We said let’s work together to change how people think about the shelter system and animal adoptions in the U.S.”
  • From the ASPCA: “Just $.60 a day saves lives. Give a little to make a big difference for animals.”
  • From the Human Society of the United States: “The HSUS and its affiliates are the nation’s number-one provider of animal care, through the work of our animal sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers, Animal Rescue Team, Pets for Life program, wildlife response units, veterinary division, international street dog defenders, and other hands-on programs……that’s why the HSUS, through its advocacy programs, drives transformational change-bringing a wide set of tools to take on the biggest fights, confronting multi-billion dollar industries, and staying the course until reform is realized.”

These groups are all legitimate, and all have great causes.  I’m NOT telling anyone not to support them. The irony is that in today’s society, many people would rather save animal life than human life.   The programs and strategies invoked to save animal life are things WE do, but we are called terrorists, especially by our current national administration.  Even if we could afford to run commercials like the organizations above do, chances are that the networks wouldn’t run them because they would be considered “too controversial“!  I’m not kidding!

My niece was expecting identical twin girls to be born this spring. A few days ago, one of the twins died in the womb, and the doctors had to deliver the twins at 24 weeks in order to save the life of the surviving twin. Emma Elizabeth came into this world weighing 1 pound 2 ounces and is a little fighter.   My family is going through immense pain mourning the loss of Emma’s sister while at the same time being joyous and cautiously optimistic for Emma’s survival. I can’t even imagine what my niece and her husband are feeling! What is killing me is that there are so many people in the world that choose to end the lives of their children through abortion….even as late as 24 weeks…and condemn those of us who fight for the right to life for all human beings at ANY stage of development.

   It is so hard to realize that there are those who go ballistic when animals are harmed, but have looked the other way or ignored the more than 55 million children who have been KILLED (yes, they were killed…nothing pretty about it) through abortion since it was “legalized” in 1973. What’s even worse is that the “legalization” was nothing more than what a woman could be allowed to do under her “right to privacy.”

It’s obvious I’m depressed and upset, but that doesn’t mean I’m stopping. Christ died on the cross so that ALL of us could live with him eternally. I know He put me here….and hopefully you, too….to make sure that the human lives God creates at conception can have the opportunity to experience their human life before joining with Him for eternity.   Our work goes on….

 For Life,

Denise Leipold

Executive Director


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Save Lives NOW!
     January 22, 2014 marks the tragic 41st anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the day in 1973 that the United States Supreme Court made it legal to kill an unborn child. It has become a tradition every year to remind our community that there are many Americans who have not accepted this court decision.

Several years ago, Right to Life of Northeast Ohio spearheaded a media campaign which uses the internet (the number 1 choice for most pregnant women seeking an abortion), advertisements on public transportation, television and radio, and mobile phone applications. All the media (including internet and television) is aimed directly at those in crisis pregnancies, and directs them to trained counselors and an ultrasound. This campaign has been hugely successful, and has spread across Ohio helping to save lives now by offering life saving options to abortion minded individuals.

To keep this highly successful program going, many churches, schools or other organizations will be conducting the Signature and Media Campaign starting in January.

Find out more about this critical campaign and

how to get involved by clicking here.


If you aren’t able to go to Washington DC for the annual March for Life, join in one or more of these local activities:




Saturday, January 18   12:30-3:00pm

Downtown Cleveland, Ohio

Sponsored by

Cleveland Right to Life, Northeast Ohio Value Voters,

Right to Life of Northeast Ohio, Cleveland Prays,

Lake County Right to Life, Ohio Right to Life




Right to Life of Northeast Ohio/Youth for Life of Northeast Ohio is sponsoring the local chapter contest for the National Right to Life Oratory Contest. Winner of the local contest will receive $100 and represent us at the Ohio Right to Life state contest. Winner of the state contest will get a trip to the National Right to Life convention next June to present their entry for the national contest.



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This pro-life video contest sponsored by National Right to Life is open to any amateur filmmaker or student ages 15-25.

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Food For Thought


           Hillary Clinton was talking about the American deaths in Benghazi when she made the infamous remark above, but the ludicracy of the statement fits right in here:  at the rate we are killing our unborn children, saving animals won’t matter or make a difference because there will be enough humans around to harm them!
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