In One Year Alone Ohio Right To Life

Dear Friend,

Thanks to your faithful support, in just this year alone, Ohio Right to Life has been blessed to see historic pro-life success in the state of Ohio!

In 2013, Ohio Right to Life saw 5 pro-life laws passed to hold the abortion industry accountable and to better protect mothers and children from the harms of a self-serving and deadly industry. These pro-life laws include defunding Planned Parenthood, creating a funding stream for our pregnancy centers, banning public hospitals from contracting with abortion clinics, and our heartbeat informed consent act.

Additionally, Ohio Right to Life rejoices at the closure of FOUR abortion clinics in just this year, and the pending closure of TWO more clinics! These closures have brought statewide and national attention to the success of Ohio Right to Life’s pro-life mission and strategy. Yet, we know that none of these wonderful pro-life successes would have come to fruition without your prayers and generous aid.

We can confidently say that through your steadfast commitment, we are successfully bringing to life our shared ideals in Ohio. At Ohio Right to Life, we are proud to be striving for a better future for every human person, born and unborn. With your support we know we can continue to achieve it!

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