A Compilation Of Excellent Charities

Have the greatest possible impact!


Charities serving the poor
Charities serving the preborn and their families
Charities serving people with disabilities & illnesses
Charities serving at-risk youth

Here, you will find a compilation of excellent charities that directly serve the most vulnerable members of the human family. All listed charities are untainted by any support of the abortion industry. Please join the pro-life community in helping the poor, the sick, the preborn, and at-risk youth!

We understand that many people may have difficulty giving financially in this economy. Accordingly, we have included numerous opportunities to give time and other resources. These are marked with an asterisk.

Click on a category at right to get started. Thank you for your generosity!

ProLifeCares.org is made possible by the following organizations:

Note: The charities listed on this site do not necessarily have any connection to our pro-life sponsors; we simply like the work that they’re doing.
Check Out & Read More: http://prolifecares.org/index.php

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