The 50 Million Names Project

The 50 Million Names Project


Tonight, an exciting new, pro-life project launches at



The 50 Million Names Project is YOUR chance to name and memorialize the more than 55 million children aborted since Roe v. Wade


Ohio Right to Life is partnering with the 50 Million Names Project by asking you to offer names for the unborn and to make donations to protect life.


Naming a child and donating to Ohio Right to Life are easy and can be done in the following two steps:

  1. Click here to donate to Ohio Right to Life.
  2. Click here to name a baby.

You can indicate in the “Gesture” field on that your gesture is helping Ohio Right to Life to defend life in Ohio.


With your generous donations, Ohio Right to Life will continue to work towards the day when we can celebrate the rescue of 50 million lives.


Will you provide a child with a name and make a gesture of $50 to Ohio Right to Life today?


We look forward to seeing how pro-life Ohio will memorialize the lives taken over the last 41 years–and protect life for the next 41 years.


Will you give today?



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