Michigan Becomes 24th to Pass Law Stopping Abortion Funding in Obamacare

Michigan Becomes 24th to Pass Law Stopping Abortion Funding in Obamacare

by Steven Ertelt | Lansing, MI | LifeNews.com | 12/11/13 6:53 PM

It’s official in Michigan. The state legislature has approved legislation pro-life groups and voters called for in a petition campaign to keep tax dollars and insurance premiums from paying for the destruction of innocent human life via abortion as part of health care under Obamacare.

The Michigan Senate and the Michigan House passed the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out. The vote in the Michigan Senate was 27-11 and the vote in the Michigan House was 62-47.

Right to Life of Michigan President Barbara Listing said, “Abortion is not true health care and people who object will not have to contribute their own tax dollars or insurance premiums for elective abortions. This law is instrumental in preserving our long tradition of protecting the conscience rights of Michigan citizens before the Affordable Care Act takes full effect in 2014.”

Listing said, “We are thankful for the hundreds of thousands of dedicated volunteers and prolife citizens who made this law possible. We applaud the Michigan legislators who stood firm in their resolve and voted to ensure no person is forced to fund the deliberate taking of an innocent human life in the name of health care.”

On January 1, 2014 state health exchanges, or the federal or “partnership” versions that will operate in their stead in a narrow majority of states, are required by law to be up and running. Many of the plans under the Obamacare exchange — most plans in some states — will pay for abortions unless states opt out of abortion funding.

Half of states still need to take action to stop abortion funding.

Today’s vote came after the Election Division of the Secretary of State concluded its review of the more than 316,000 signatures and found hundreds of thousands of Michiganders signed valid petitions asking the legislature to vote on the matter.

“Registered voters from every county in Michigan signed petitions to initiate the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act; this legislation will keep tax dollars and health insurance premiums from paying for abortion as part of standard health insurance offered in Michigan,” Right to Life of Michigan said.

“The Michigan Constitution allows the people to initiate legislation through a petition. With the Michigan Board of Canvassers verifying the signatures, the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act will now be in the hands of Michigan representatives and Michigan senators. Because the legislation was initiated by the citizens, it does not need a signature from the governor to become law; only a simple majority vote is required in the Michigan House and Senate,” the group added.

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