New film ‘Gimme Shelter’ smashes false image of pro-life homes for pregnant teens

New film ‘Gimme Shelter’ smashes false image of pro-life homes for pregnant teens


The film is Gimme Shelter. And countering the trend in most of Hollywood, this new movie focuses on women’s teen shelters, which encourage young mothers-to-be to decide to have their babies.

After taking a beating by mainstream media, which have sought to paint crisis pregnancy centers and pro-life homes for pregnant mothers as manipulative, a new film is set to smash that false image.Gimme Shelter, which is based-on-a-true-story, is a star-studded and entertaining production that will both attract and educate older teens and adults alike.

Gritty and realistic, the story revolves around Agnes “Apple” Bailey (Vanessa Hudgens), a 16-year-old who was taken into state custody as a baby when her mom was found unfit. Transferred from numerous foster homes, Apple is reunited with her mom, impressively played by Rosario Dawson, only to realize that she remains as broken and abusive as ever.

Apple’s attempt to again break free leaves her homeless and eventually hospitalized. It is in the hospital where she meets a compassionate priest (James Earl Jones), who is able to guide her to the safety and the welcome arms of a pro-life shelter for pregnant young women. The amazing love shown to Apple from the home’s foundress (Ann Dowd) and the other girls makes for a touching, gripping, and powerful drama.

Gimme Shelter uses as a backdrop the value of protecting the lives of the unborn. On its face it is an amazing testimony to the work and dedication of people of faith who provide not only material goods and services but also the emotional and spiritual support needed to be open to life.

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