First they came prenatally for Down syndrome…

November 26, 2013   pre-natal testing

First they came prenatally for Down syndrome…

By Kurt Kondrich

BrilliantSoulsreI speak frequently to large groups of students, families, and professionals about the silent eugenic movement against children diagnosed prenatally with Down syndrome, and I also write regular articles about this disturbing subject. I warn people that if the culture can identify, target and eliminate unborn children with Down syndrome at a 90%+ rate because they are viewed as “defective” then we should all ask who is next?

There has been a focus in parts of the Autism community to unlock the genetic code for this diagnosis, and I have cautioned that this could lead to the same type of prenatal slaughter unborn children with Down syndrome are experiencing.

As bioethicist Wesley Smith commented this week, “More boys than girls have autism, so now, an Australian IVF clinic will search out male embryos for destruction before implantation, e.g., sex selection.” Not surprisingly there has been a lot of comment.

This week I read an article from Australia titled “Comment: Should there be prenatal screening for autism?” that shows how the culture of death is seeping into the prenatal Autism community while placing a focus on prenatal sex-selection.

Andrew Whitehouse, the author, explains

“Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis/screening (PGD) is an IVF technique that occurs at the embryo stage prior to implantation. An egg from a woman and a sperm from a man are combined outside of the body (i.e., in a petri dish) to create an embryo (a fertilized egg). That embryo can then be ‘screened’ to determine whether its genetic make-up increases risk for a given disorder.”

Whitehouse shows how PGD can be misused:

“The Reproductive Technology Council will now allow certain women undergoing IVF treatment to be selectively implanted with female embryos only. The rationale for this practice is that autism is more likely to affect males than females (approximately 4 males for every 1 female), and by selecting female embryos, the chances of this child developing autism are reduced.”

So the Reproductive Technology Council, by giving permission to eliminate a male embryo (via sex selection), concludes this will assist in reducing the births of children diagnosed with Autism?

Had this technology been available we may have “terminated” the lives of amazing, brilliant males like Mozart, Michelangelo, Newton, Picasso and Lewis Carroll (

As we know, of course, it is not only male babies with fetal anomalies who are targeted. Some societies label prenatal females as “undesirable.” Hundreds of millions of girls are “missing,” the victims of prenatal targeting via ultrasounds.

Where is the outcry, protests and shock from women’s rights groups? The silence is deafening!

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