Abortion Activists Upset Pro-Lifers Are Getting Abortion Clinic Workers to Quit

Abortion Activists Upset Pro-Lifers Are Getting Abortion Clinic Workers to Quit

by Lauren Enriquez | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 11/24/13 5:12 PM

In a five-page piece, the Washington Times showcased a spectrum of abortion advocates who blame pro-life scare tactics and intimidation for the recent migration of abortion workers out of the abortion business and into the pro-life movement, and touts evidence of other ‘Gosnells’ as purely fictional.

The article primarily aimed to conduct the misleading voices of many abortion workers across the country. Towards the end of the piece, however, a seeming contradiction occurs when the author cites Lila Rose and Live Action’s undercover investigations, which maim the entire article’s entire premise (that the abortion industry is awesome and — with the ‘anomaly’ of Gosnell — it is never associated with illegal or unsafe practices), but fails to attempt to refute or offer follow-up to the citation.

The piece quotes clinic workers who staunchly deny Gosnell-like activity within the US abortion industry, saying:

Pro-choice leaders insist that the Gosnell incident will not have lasting effects because he was “a rogue” and not representative at all of the industry as a whole.

“No, no, no,” Ms. France said when asked about “other Gosnells.” There are hundreds of clinics, and 13 in Ohio, she said. “Certainly, we all give good care. We are regulated, and we want to do good work.”

“Gosnell was very much a rogue and had nothing to do with what good abortion care is,” Ms. Taft said.

The article goes on to quote Live Action president Lila Rose, who refutes the perception that Gosnell was a “rogue” within the industry:

Dr. Kermit  HYPERLINK “http://www.washingtontimes.com/topics/kermit-gosnell/”Gosnell is not alone” in the kinds of “inhuman practices” he and his staff performed at their Philadelphia clinic, said Lila Rose, president of Live Action, citing her group’s “undercover” videos at abortion clinics. The abortion industry is “united,” Ms. Rose said. If there’s a problem in one clinic, “you’re going to find it in another one.”

Read More: http://www.lifenews.com/2013/11/24/abortion-activists-upset-pro-lifers-are-getting-abortion-clinic-workers-to-quit/

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