Stripping away illusions: The truth about abortion enablers

Published: November 21, 2013 3:25 pm

Stripping away illusions: The truth about abortion enablers

I’ve got a habit of meeting ex-strippers. There’s no clear explanation for this, as I don’t frequent the places where they used to work. Yet somehow, I’ve ended up with several former dancers in my circle of friends. While their reasons for entering the business ranged from the mundane to the heart breaking, there’s one point that they all agree on: stripping is about illusions.

Strippers try to project the illusion that they’re both interested in and available to an establishment’s clientele. In return, the clientele offer financial  rewards.  Unfortunately, many of the clientele also offer servings of objectification and denigration as well as money, but that seems to come with the turf. In any event, my friends made it clear to me that they had zero romantic interest in and offered no real availability to their customers.* Rather, they were simply selling an image.


*Note: This rule may not apply to T-Pain.

Strippers aren’t the only ones who can peddle an image that doesn’t fit with reality–pro-abortion politicians are pretty good at it too. They offer speeches wrapped in buzz words like “choice,” “reproductive freedom,” and “family planning.” What they really deliver is a set of policies that help sexual predators harm girls and allow “choice providers” to turn babies into medical waste. Earlier, we examined how abortion fans are waging wars on women andchildren. Now it’s time to look at their political enablers.

“Can we honestly say that we’re doing enough to keep our children, all of them, safe from harm?” President Barack Obama asked this question in the wake of the Sandy Hook school massacre. And the answer to that question is…no, no we’re not. Thankfully, there’s a helpful device that the president can use if he’d like to see part of the reason why we’re not doing that. It’s called a mirror.

One of Obama’s first acts upon taking office was to suspend the Mexico City Policy–an executive order that prohibited US foreign aid dollars from paying for abortions overseas. He also rolled back Bush-era executive orders that protected healthcare workers who refused to assist with abortions. Further, President Obama has vowed to defend funding for abortion giant Planned Parenthood in spite of proof that it’s employees have been willing to work with sex traffickers and racists. And that’s not all, because the abortion lobby has probably been helped as much by what the president hasn’t done as what he has.

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