Six quotes that reveal the truth about abortion

Six quotes that reveal the truth about abortion


  • Fri Oct 18, 2013 09:57 EST

October 11, 2013 (LiveActionNews) – According to apoll done in 2011, 59% of Americans believe that abortion is wrong. A similar poll commissioned by the Knights of Columbus in 2010 gave the number at 56%. So over half of all Americans believe that abortion is morally wrong.

But many Americans do not realize quite how wrong abortion is. Many people believe that abortion simply “terminates a pregnancy,” removes “tissue,” or suctions out “collections of cells.” Pro-choice organizations perpetuate these myths. In the following quotes, we will see that abortion is much more than the simple removal of “cells” or “tissue.

Reporter Jo Mannies of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch described a trial where abortionist Dr. Crist gave testimony about how he performed abortions. Mannies writes (1):

In testimony Wednesday in St. Louis Circuit Court, [abortionist] Crist said that it is not uncommon for second-trimester fetuses to leave the womb feet-first, intact and with their hearts still beating. He sometimes crushes their skulls to get the fetuses out. Other times, he dismembers them.

Pro-Life Feminism: Different Voices, edited by Gail Garnier-Sweet, is a collection of essays written by pro-life feminists. Former clinic worker Paula Sutcliffe, in her essay “Precious in My Sight,” described what she witnessed in the clinic where she worked:

I found much distress in the clinic, but it involved not only the women. I saw the pain of the babies who were born burned from the saline solution used for late-term abortions. I saw the bits of feet, bits of hands, the mangled heads and bodies of the little people. I saw pain and felt pain.

Pro-choice author and researcher Magda Denes felt ambivalent and troubled after her abortion; her conflicting feelings compelled her to immerse herself in abortion research. She witnessed abortions at a busy abortion clinic and interviewed doctors and clinic workers. According to a receptionist at the clinic (2):

I went up to the lab one day and on the pathologiest’s table I saw what I thought was little rubber doll until I realized it was a fetus[.] … I got really shook up and upset and I couldn’t believe it. It had all its fingers and toes, you know, hands and feet[.] … I never thought it would look so real. I didn’t like it.”

This clinic worker, shielded from the reality of the abortion procedures, was not prepared to see the body of an aborted baby.


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