More attention on the ObamaCare “train wreck”

October 17, 2013   ObamaCare

More attention on the ObamaCare “train wreck”

By Dave Andrusko

exchanges45Each day a few more pieces of the ObamaCare health insurance exchange puzzle are found in the box or underneath the couch or broken in half. A headline in a story appearing in the (very sympathetic) POLITICO catches the reader up: “Shutdown over, Congress turns to Obamacare ‘train wreck.’”

Over the last two weeks, we already discussed some of the myriad of problems that go way beyond what was piously dismissed as “glitches”: sticker shock (the same or lesser coverage will cost two or three times as much); the lowest price plans have gigantic deductibles; the obvious…misstatement… that people can keep their health plans, if they like them; the preposterous over-promising; and the simple fact that the meltdown was not primarily or even largely a function of demand—it was the system undergirding

Today we learn about not so much new flaws as an elaboration on some old ones and a few that are getting more attention. For example, as Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.) told POLITICO, “The databases that store sensitive medical and financial information aren’t secure. [Over the next couple of months, because the potential for fraud is virtually limitless, there likely will be a flood of stories about consumers being ripped off.] “Worse still, these same individuals will be slapped with a penalty tax for being uninsured.“

Which doesn’t change the basic dilemma: people are still finding it near impossible to sign on, much less navigate The irony is that in order to keep the public from panicking, everything the Obama administration has done to date is to remind “visitors” that many/most people can obtain insurance subsidies. But as the Washington Post reported this morning, trying to determine eligibility for subsidies is a nightmare.


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