State Health Examiner Affirms Revocation of Abortion Clinic License

State Health Examiner Affirms Revocation of Abortion Clinic License

Notorious Abortionist Martin Haskell Failed to Adhere to State Law

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COLUMBUS, Ohio–Today, Ohio Right to Life obtained the Ohio Department of Health’s Report and Recommendation regarding the revocation of the license of Lebanon Road Surgery Center, an abortion clinic near Cincinnati. A state health examiner affirmed the order to revoke the license after this abortion clinic, operated by the notorious late-term abortionist Martin Haskell, failed to obtain either a transfer agreement or a variance.  The Lebanon Road Surgery Center is the most recent of 2013’s five Ohio abortion clinics closed or slated to close. This news comes less than 48 hours after Ohio Right to Life revealed that another late-term abortionist closed his clinic in Cleveland. Ohio Right to Life offers special thanks to Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati and Elizabeth’s New Life Center for all of their due diligence in ensuring the abortion industry follows state laws and health regulations. Together, the pro-life leaders will continue to ensure that the Lebanon Road Surgery Center follows Ohio law and does not operate without a license.

 “We are gratified to see yet another late-term abortionist shutting down,” said Mike Gonidakis, President of Ohio Right to Life. “As a result of this Health Department order, Martin Haskell, a strong proponent and former practitioner of the controversial and deadly partial-birth abortion procedure, will no longer be able to abort children and jeopardize women’s health in Hamilton County.”

According to Ohio law, Lebanon Road Surgery Center exists as an Ambulatory Surgical Facility and because of this legal status, the clinic is not a full-service medical facility. To operate legally, Lebanon Road Surgery Center must have a transfer agreement with a full-service hospital to handle all cases of abortion complications against the mother. In the case that an abortion facility is unable to acquire a transfer agreement, it can apply for a variance (exception). Lebanon Road Surgery Center failed to obtain either.


Abortionist Martin Haskell
“Simply put, the southwest Ohio medical community chooses not to do business with this late term abortion provider and consequently, Haskell cannot operate his abortion business legally,” continued Gonidakis. “Undeniably, the fewer abortions Haskell can execute, the safer Ohio’s women and children will be.”


Ohio Right to Life thanks Paula Westwood, Executive Director of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati, and Vivian Koob, Executive Director of Elizabeth’s New Life Center, for their pro-life leadership in the Greater Cincinnati area.


To read the Ohio Department of Health’s Report and Recommendation, click here.


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