Real women don’t like lust

Real women don’t like lust


  • Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:48 EST
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October 15, 2013 ( – I am compelled to write this article, “Real Women Don’t Like Lust”, in response to the various media (movies, magazines, music, television and print) continually promoting and falsely characterizing women as sex objects and as insatiable wild lusty types while in reality all the emphasis on ‘sex’ and ‘sexy’ and ‘sex lives’ separated from real meaning and purpose is having the exact opposite effect- driving couples further apart and in the long run making women feel kind of pukey about it all.

I’ve become so frustrated by these dishonest, inaccurate and harmful portrayals of truly beautiful and life-bearing woman and the obnoxious emphasis on the errant notion of a ‘sex life’ that I came up with the following to express my thoughts:

There should be no such thing as a sex life.
There is “married life” and within it, the many expressions of love
which includes the physical renewal of the wedding vows.

Personally, I am just sick to death of ‘sexy’.  When a person looks ‘sexy’, doesn’t it means they look ready for sex?  I thought only prostitutes were supposed to look like that.  Ladies, how about some new adjectives?  How about…. BEAUTIFUL? How about…. LOVELY? How about ELEGANT?

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I received the testimony below from a woman who has experienced that very aversion that happens to women over time in this culture.  She enthusiastically relates what a difference moral family planning (a.k.a.- the practice of chastity in marriage) has made in the intimate area of their marriage and in her attitude toward the renewal of their wedding vows:


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