Abortion: The Faulty Fix

Abortion: The Faulty Fix

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation   gallagher@paprolife.org


Maria Gallagher

Maria Gallagher

Many factors may drive a woman to an abortion center–financial trouble, a coercive boyfriend or husband, abuse, just to name a few. These problems are serious and should be dealt with. But abortion is not the fix.

A woman leaves an abortion facility just as poor as when she went in–generally, about $450 poorer. Her relationship troubles with her significant other aren’t resolved–in fact, the tension arising from the abortion, the regret, and the emotional fallout can make things worse.

The couple was already in their 30s when they met and married. Less than two months after the nuptials, the wife became pregnant.

It was unplanned. It would be quite late in the game before the husband, who was facing serious financial struggles, knew of the pregnancy. When the birth became imminent, they were hoping for a boy, and they planned to name him Harry, after his maternal grandfather.

The birth was quite scary. It happened in the apartment they shared, with the husband receiving delivery instructions from the doctor via telephone. The baby arrived before the ambulance did.

In recalling that day, the wife remarked that, when a woman gives birth and she is handed that baby for the first time, “It is a tremendous gift.”

More: http://www.nationalrighttolifenews.org/news/2013/09/abortion-the-faulty-fix

One response to “Abortion: The Faulty Fix

  1. “But abortion is not the fix.” This is so true. Abortion is a symptom of our broken society and not the solution; it is a plumb line of what we are doing wrong and not a panacea for the problem.

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