Ohio Democrats Ban Pro-Life Group From Public Hearing on Abortion

Ohio Democrats Ban Pro-Life Group From Public Hearing on Abortion

by Katie McCann | Columbus, OH | LifeNews.com | 9/19/13 1:28 PM

Yesterday, a committee of House Democrats held a “hearing” at the Ohio Statehouse to smear Ohio Right to Life’s five pro-life budget amendments.

The pro-abortion lobbyists and politicians marketed the event as a “hearing” on women’s health–without expecting to have to follow hearing rules. It seems that the pro-abortion lobbyists and politicians were attempting to disguise a dog-and-pony-show press conference as a “hearing” in an attempt to regain some of their ever-diminishing credibility.

In accordance with the expectations that a public hearing is open to the public and therefore open to testimonies from both sides, Ohio Right to Life arrived to defend our strong pro-life budget, asking to offer testimony.

The pro-abortion Democrats were quick to deny us the opportunity to speak the truth and let Ohio women hear the other side.

Instead, the “hearing” was a series of testimonies from six pro-abortion witnesses that represented organizations like NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio.

More: http://www.lifenews.com/2013/09/19/ohio-democrats-ban-pro-life-group-from-public-hearing-on-abortion/

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