Dead Man Walking

Dear Friend,
A death row inmate on his journey to be executed is referred to by the prison guards as “dead man walking.”  He’s usually exhausted all his legal options trying to save his life, and whether innocent or not, the end is near.   When an abortion is scheduled for an innocent child in the womb, the child gets no legal options to try and save it’s life.  It is simply the decision of the mother to terminate the life, no matter what the reason.  A convicted killer has more legal protection than an innocent child.  Take a look at the following photo:
This full page ad was inspired by and paid for by a generous donor, and will run
 in newspapers owned by Record Publishing (Cuyahoga Falls News Press, Stow Sentry, etc.) this Sunday, and in some, on next Wednesday. (FYI: Leader Publications…West Side Leader and South Side News Leader…refused to run it, and wouldn’t even discuss options for editing it to meet their approval.)  We don’t normally do this type of advertising, but the donor’s offer was too good to pass up, and the message is compelling.  I imagine the ad will stir up a lot of reaction for pro-abortion advocates, and that’s where YOU come in.  The ad asks people to respond on our facebook page.
 There will probably be some very negative responses, and we don’t want to delete anything as long as the language isn’t inappropriate.  What we hope is that pro-life advocates would respond and defend life in a Christian and common sense manner whenever there is a negative comment.  It would speak volumes if there were life affirming responses other than those that we post ourselves.  Check our facebook page at
often over the next couple of weeks and help us to uphold the sanctity of life!
 If you live in one of the communities where the ad will be running, tear the ad
 out and show it around.  You’ll never know just how many lives might be saved and hearts will be changed by showing just what abortion is…the end of an innocent, human life.
Fr. Frank Pavone, the head of Priests for Life, says that America will never end
 abortion until it sees abortion.  This ad is mild in comparison to the violence
 of abortion, but hopefully it will wake up many and start them on their way to
re-evaluating the incredible miracle of God’s gift of life.  If this ad starts a
 dialog, then it is doing it’s job.  If someone needs more convincing, send them
 to our website at []
for more disturbing evidence.  We will continue the battle to save lives through
 prayer and responsible actions as our work goes on.

For Life,

Denise Leipold

Executive Director

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