Straight from the mouths of abortion workers: shares the truth

Straight from the mouths of abortion workers: shares the truth

By Nancy Flanders

unbornbaby67It isn’t easy to hear the words day in and day out, or to see over and over the tiny bodies ripped apart or burned to death. It’s gut wrenching. It’s heartbreaking. And for Sarah Terzo of, it’s part of her life’s mission to expose the truth of abortion from the mouths of those who kill for a living.

As a young teenager, Terzo saw a picture of a child who had been aborted at eight weeks gestation. It had been ripped to pieces and Terzo instantly realized that this was a child who had been killed. The photo roused within her a deep desire to do whatever she could to protect babies from abortion. But after a disappointing high school debate with a pro-choice student, Terzo felt she wasn’t as knowledgeable as she needed to be in order to defend her pro-life stance. Immediately, she began researching in order to prepare for future conversations about abortion.

“This was before the internet,” explains Terzo, “but I started sending away for literature from every pro-life group I could find, going from library to library to get out pro-life books, and looking at old magazines and newspapers, then on microfilm, to learn as much as I could. Everything I learned made me even more determined to fight abortion.[…] The material I found most compelling was the first hand quotes and accounts by abortion providers themselves. I started a project to compile as many of these testimonies as I could and went looking in all kinds of obscure places for them.”

By the time the internet became widely available, Terzo was in college and had amassed a large list of abortion quotes by different abortion providers. She wanted to put this list on the web, but there was no such thing as WordPress or Blogger at the time. Terzo taught herself to build a website from scratch. Her hope was that pro-life individuals would go to the site and use the information she had compiled in their own articles, debates, speeches, and letters to the editor. She also hoped that pro-choicers would read the quotes and change their stance on abortion. And eventually, with the help of fellow pro-life activist Andrew Anderson, Terzo was able to build her blog, now ten times larger than the site she originally built.


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