The Beauty And The Gift of Every Day Of Life


The Beauty And The Gift of Every Day Of Life

Dear Friend,

Andy and Sarah had been trying forever to have children.  Finally, after much heartache, they made the supremely loving decision to adopt. But God had more than just one child in store for them: it turned out the mother who had agreed to work with them was pregnant with triplets!

And then? Just a few weeks after the new parents’ babies were born, they discovered that they themselves were pregnant with twins!

“God has a great sense of humor,” a delighted Sarah exclaimed. Now she has five beautiful children to love.

We know that fighting the horrific human rights abuse of abortion is a major part of the pro-life movement. But we need to remember what the pro-life movement is really about: the beauty, the goodness, the value of every human life.

Think of baby Adam, called a “curse” for his abnormalities and abandoned to die in the hospital where he was born. Raja and Jessica Paulraj saw past what others condemned in Adam and adopted him, and now they adore him as a gift from God. “Often we kind of look at the abnormal things,” Raja told a reporter, “but we kind of miss the beautiful things that lie behind this abnormal…so-called ‘abnormal’ thing.”

Hopeful, uplifting, life-affirming stories like these are everywhere, even if some of our country’s big media outlets don’t like reporting them. These stories inspire. You just have to look a little harder – and your day will be better off for it.

Think of Maddalena Douse, born too small for doctors to consider worth saving, but who met the minimum weight because of a pair of scissors left on her scale. Think of world-famous opera singer Andrea Bocelli, whose mother protected him against her doctors’ fatalistic diagnoses. Think of Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, whose courageous stand for her baby helped develop medical procedures that may save hundreds more precious children.

Do you see? The culture of life brings love, and love brings joy. That’s what we are fighting for.

The pro-life movement is not just about battling the culture of death. We have to remember the beauty and the gift of every day of life. We need to be happy warriors. The miracle of life deserves nothing less from us!

Yours in the fight for life,

Lila Rose
Live Action

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