Will to Live, NOT Living Will

Will to Live, NOT Living Will

Some may ask if it is acceptable to sign a “Living Will.” Obviously, we cannot predict the future, or know in advance what form of sickness or disease we may be afflicted with in the years ahead.

We therefore cannot make decisions to accept or refuse
treatment before we even know the disease. Yet that is what
some legal documents try to do.

Not every medical treatment is always obligatory. But
to igure out which treatments are obligatory, morally
speaking, and which are only optional, one must know the
medical facts of the case. These facts are then examined in
the light of the moral principles involved.

Doctors are already free to withhold or withdraw useless
procedures that provide no benefit to the patient. Some
people fear that medical technology will be used to torture
them in their final days.

But in the climate of today’s culture, the danger is not
that you will have all kinds of treatments you do not
want. Rather, the danger is that you will not receive the
treatments that you do want.

Moreover, if the living will indicates one does not want
“to be kept alive by medications” or “artificial means”
what does that mean? An aspirin is “medication,” is it
not? Drinking through a straw is “artificial.” People can
construe meanings for these words which the signer of the
document never intended

Read more… http://www.priestsforlife.org/newsletters/v23n5sepoct13.pdf Will to Live, NOT Living Will

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