One Of Our Own Needs Help Virginia

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Pro-life Friend –

One of ours needs help. Pro-life rockstar, Ken Cuccinelli, is running for Governor of Virginia, and he’s 6 points behind in the polls.

There’s a reason why this race is so important to ensuring our legislative victories from the past summer continue.

The states that passed pro-life reforms had a pro-life governor willing to work with us and advance the will of the pro-life grassroots. From Governor Perry in Texas to Governor Kasich in Ohio, our friends helped to make great gains for unborn babies and their moms this summer.

They understood their duty to protect their state’s citizens, no matter how small, from the horrific conditions and practices festering in abortion facilities. Their offices review the safety risks and actually talked to health experts, and that led them to act.

In the Virginia race, Ken Cuccinelli is running against Terry McAuliffe — a man considered to be one of the most pro-abortion candidates in any election this year. And our pro-life friend is behind in the polls.

Terry is a former Clinton fundraiser/failed businessman turned politician. He’s using his fundraising connections and Clinton ties to try and buy the Virginia gubernatorial race with the help of Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry.

If Terry McAuliffe is elected Governor of Virginia, the results for women and the unborn will be disastrous. Instead of health experts consulting on public health, we’ll have Planned Parenthood “suggesting” changes.

The abortion industry will use this election as the example for every race in 2014. They’ll say: if the pro-life movement won’t stand behind their own in Virginia, why would they stand behind you?

And they’ll be right. This election is the first test of political muscle for the pro-life movement following this summer of legislative wins. We can’t deny that. The pro-life movement has to show that we are willing to stand behind our allies in the states.

Over the next two months heading into this election, Women Speak Out – Virginia will give this gubernatorial race everything we’ve got, but we’re going to need all the help we can get.

Virginia has to be a battleground yet again, and life has to be victorious. Will you help us fight Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry’s puppet candidate? A donation of just $10 can help us take the fight to the abortion industry and put an ally in the governor mansion.

Thank you,

Emily Buchanan
Women Speak Out – Virginia


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