Planned Parenthood’s REAL business model

Dear Friend,

For Planned Parenthood, making a lot of money off abortion is one thing – but if you’re going to groom your customers for abortion, you’ve got to start somewhere.  And if you think Planned Parenthood is going to let concerned parents get in the way of their revenue stream, think again.

Remember the phrase “sex sells”?  It’s never been truer than with Planned Parenthood.

We young people are savvy to when companies try this.  We have a sharp eye for hucksters.  Yet somehow, too many of us can’t see through the gigantic snake-oil push coming out of Planned Parenthood.

“Hook ’em young, sell forever.”
See, when teenagers are having casual sex, Planned Parenthood makes money.  It makes money selling condoms for men, makes money selling birth control pills for women, and makes money testing boys and girls both for STDs.  All while pushing teenagers into the mentality that casual sex is the norm, thus making them repeat customers.

Think about this: if an oil company told you that you have a “right” to a car that requires oil to run, wouldn’t you become suspicious?  How about if a cell phone company encourages you to exercise your “right” to communicate in a way that only that company’s phones are capable of?

So how about when a company that sells contraceptives, STD testing, and abortions promotes behavior that requires contraceptives, STD testing, and abortions?

That’s Planned Parenthood.  It’s a business.  It is selling something.

Oh, and by the way?  Planned Parenthood also gets hundreds of millions of dollars in forced taxpayer money.  Your money.

Parents, do you think a billion-dollar abortion corporation should get public money to make sex-customers out of your kids?  And teens, should you be forced to send a slice of your very first paychecks to an industry that sees you as nothing but a big dollar sign?

The folks at Planned Parenthood might deck their advertisements with smiling female faces, but remember: they’re a business.  They’ve got a bunch of Mad Men behind the scenes, working round the clock to figure out how best to sell contraception and abortion.  Don’t doubt it for a second.

And if girls are killed?  If voiceless children are destroyed?  If men are encouraged to view women as sex objects, and if consequent abuses go unreported?  Why would those Mad Men care?  Why would Planned Parenthood care?  It’s not like it’s their kids – and they just made a lot of money!

An abortion corporation with an eye for nothing but cash – ahead of girls’ safety, ahead of men’s respect for women, and ahead of children’s lives – doesn’t deserve a cent from our taxes.  Heck, it doesn’t deserve to exist.

So let’s work on both.  First we defund Planned Parenthood, and then we bring it down.  For our children…and for our grandchildren, too.

Yours in the fight for life,

Drew Belsky
Communications Director
Live Action  Planned Parenthood’s REAL business model

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