Science for Unborn Human Life


Use of this Study

Although this study is copyrighted, all or part of it can be used without my permission or attribution for educating people about the development of unborn human life. The report is free, although in some cases it might be necessary to charge only for the cost of hard copy distribution. I did not undertake it to make a profit. I encourage pro-life speakers, counselors, legislators and writers to abstract parts of the report as background information as they see fit. I particularly encourage pro-choice people to carefully consider this information with an open mind.

I hope the material contributes to a respectful discourse about abortion. I encourage readers to copy and distribute it as hard copy or distribute it via e-mail to persons and organizations that are interested in the human life issue.

I hope Science Sheds Light on Unborn Human Life contributes to an emerging national consensus that the unborn child is indeed a human being, and deserves to be loved, protected, and cherished. Science for Unborn Human Life


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