No Grave to Remember

Leipold, Denise BW“This past week during a conference call between chapter leaders and Ohio Right to Life, Executive Director John Coats of Ohio Right to Life said that it was a real shame that we couldn’t decorate the graves of those innocent lives lost through abortion because there were no graves to decorate.  I agree, however; I think that Memorial Day is  also a great opportunity to point out to everyone that the military lives we honor fought for all of us and for our posterity.  When I had the opportunity to walk through Arlington Cemetery last fall, I saw the grave sites of soldiers who lost their lives for us long before I was even born.  I was part of the posterity they were fighting for, and so are those who are yet unborn!  To allow a mother to take the life of her unborn child when our military fought so hard to protect that life is an abomination which dishonors those soldiers.
As you hopefully spend your time this weekend relaxing with your family and friends, take the time to remember those who lost their lives for our freedoms, and the innocent lives that all of us are struggling to allow to just be born.
God Bless America, and our work goes on….” Denise Leipold Executive Director  Right to Life Northeast Ohio,

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