How Abortion Has Changed America

“The whole iceberg is bigger than abortion itself. It is about how profoundly America has changed since Roe v. Wade, in 1973, made abortion an accepted part of American life. Let’s be clear that pro-aborts and pro-lifers differ on far more than technicalities about when life begins. They differ on what life is. Since Roe v. Wade, we’ve given birth to a new materialistic culture of narcissism where reverence for life itself is gone. Life has become a commodity, and people use each other as cavalierly as they destroy innocent young life.  As our reverence for life has diminished, so has our reverence for the institutions that surround and support it.  Scholars at the Brookings Institution observed in 1996 that Roe v. Wade contributed to the collapse of marriage and the dramatic increase in out-of-wedlock births. The idea that children were part of a sacred institution called marriage started disappearing. The sense of honor, the sense of shame, disappears in this culture of self.  Soon, as our resources diminish to care for our growing aging population, we will start dealing with our elderly as we do our unborn.”  Star Parker

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