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Poll Finds 60% Believe Implementation Of ObamaCare Has Been A “Joke”

NRL News Today
October 24, 2013   ObamaCare

Poll finds 60% believe implementation of ObamaCare has been a “joke”

By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

It’s not the only way, but one very useful way of understanding how the public feels about a given subject is to give them polar opposite alternatives to choose from. So Fox News asked Americans what “best describes how ObamaCare is being carried out and implemented” and gave them two options: “It’s a joke” or the launch is “going fine.”

By a two to one margin—60% to 31%–respondents said it’s been a joke!

There is lot to pour over, but since we are going to talk elsewhere today about the rollout of the ObamaCare health insurance exchanges, let me just offer three other conclusions from the answers of 1,020 registered voters.

In many ways, as a candidate, Mr. Obama’s strongest suit was his ability to persuade the public that if elected, he could transcend the usual partisan divides. Fox News asked, “Do you think the Obama Administration is doing more to end the partisan divide in Washington or doing more to push the parties further apart?”

By almost the same margin—59% to 31%–the public said more to push the parties further apart. While absolutely true, that the public now understands this is really stunning. Noteworthy is that 61% of Independents believe the President is doing more to polarize than to bring together.


“Miracle Baby’ Born 39 Days After His Mother’s Water Breaks

NRL News Today
October 24, 2013   Premature babies

“Miracle Baby’ born 39 days after his mother’s water breaks

By Dave Andrusko

Gideon Whitchurch

Gideon Whitchurch

The outcome represents one of those really feel-good stories. Rachel Whitchurch’s water broke at 28 weeks. When this had happened with her older child (when she was at 35 weeks), she was told it was a “fluke.”

Now, five years later (and after three miscarriages), it happened again, and a full seven weeks earlier in her pregnancy. She thought, “This can’t be happening,” Rachel told Good Morning America.

Rachel and Jeff Whitchurch rushed to Timpanogos Regional Hospital in Orem, Utah. She was told that the baby could be born at any moment.

“We had multiple doctors, nurses, and specialists talk to us and warn us of the risks and problems that we should expect if our baby was born that day or the next,” Rachel told KSL Television. Rachel was put on immediate bed rest and given drugs to stop the contractions and help the baby’s lungs to grow.

“After two days we were told that the longest we could hope for would be a week and if we lasted 10 days it would be a miracle,” she said.

“The Number One concern is infection,” explained Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC Senior Medical contributor. “It is literally a race against time.”

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“Obamacare’s Problems Go Much Deeper Than The Web Site”

NRL News Today
October 25, 2013   ObamaCare

“Obamacare’s problems go much deeper than the Web site”

By Dave Andrusko

Executives from four contractors came before the House Energy and Commerce Committee Thursday to try to reconcile what they said as recently as September about the health insurance exchanges—everything was hunky dory and on track—and the fiasco of the last three+ weeks.

Executives from four contractors came before the House Energy and Commerce Committee Thursday to try to reconcile what they said as recently as September about the health insurance exchanges—everything was hunky dory and on track—and the fiasco of the last three+ weeks.

Pick you metaphor, although rats abandoning the sinking ship is the one that comes immediately to mind but should probably be rejected.

Since October 1 every day has brought another series of embarrassing revelations about the rollout of ObamaCare’s health insurance exchanges. And some of THE most uncritical supporters/boosters of President Obama are asking aloud, what next?

Here are just two examples, of many.

David Gregory is host of NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Appearing on “Morning Joe” this morning, Gregory said the following:

“I think we have to take a step back at the end of the week and ask the most critical question: is ObamaCare doomed if they can’t fix this fast?

“I raise this very provocative question for two reasons. It is this caricature of incompetence that could be associated with ObamaCare for a long time because of such a bad start; and two, the very real fact that they’ve got this limited window to get younger, healthier people enrolled if the whole system is going to work.”

Ezra Klein is so in the tank for President Obama he makes Gregory look like a fiery clinic. But his Washington Post column is headlined, “Sorry liberals, Obamacare’s problems go much deeper than the Web site.” (He is talking about fellow liberals, as will become obvious.) His opening is devastating, both for who it comes from and what it says:

“There’s been a rash of commentary from some on the left who’ve decided that the real problem with Obamacare isn’t the crippling technological issues that have made it impossible for almost anyone to enroll in the federally run health-insurance exchanges but the media’s coverage of those problems.

“It’s not the crime, it’s the lack of a cover-up.”


The Continuity of Human Life from Conception Until Natural Death

NRL News Today
October 25, 2013   Fetal Development

The continuity of Human Life from conception until natural death

By Katie McCann

Editor’s note. This appeared on the blog of Ohio Right to Life, NRLC’s state affiliate, at


“The life of a baby begins long before he or she is born. A new individual human being begins growing in the mother’s uterus at fertilization and, if the baby’s life is not interrupted, he or she will someday become an adult man or woman.”[1] In 2008, over 43 million * unborn babies were killed worldwide. [2] In the United States, over 53 million unborn babies have been killed since abortion was legalized in 1973,[3] and more than 1.2 million are killed each year.[4]

As the world-renowned French geneticist Jerome LeJeune asserted, “To accept the fact that after fertilization has taken place a new human has come into being is no longer a matter of taste or opinion. The human nature of the human being from conception to old age is not a matter of metaphysical contention, it is plain experimental evidence.”

The scientific evidence is beyond dispute:

The unborn baby is alive from the moment of fertilization.

The unborn baby has 46 chromosomes in the cells of his or her body – the scientifically verifiable human genetic code.

The unborn baby from the moment of fertilization is a unique human being – never to be repeated in all of history.

The unborn baby is complete. He or she is programmed from the inside for an ongoing process of growth and development.

The unborn baby has a heartbeat at three weeks and brain waves at six weeks.
Nothing magic occurs at birth which suddenly makes an unborn baby human. The baby is the same baby, whether inside or outside the uterus. Every unborn baby is a complete, individual living human being from the earliest moment of his or her existence at fertilization.

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Be countercultural: have babies

Live Action
Published: October 24, 2013 11:02 am

Be countercultural: have babies


A fabulous piece of writing from The Federalist recently hit home with me. “Fecundophobia: The Growing Fear of Children and Fertile Women” is more than the title of the article; it’s also the theme of the first 20-something years of my life.

I am here to tell you that fecundophobia is pervasive. I have witnessed and participated in it for most of my life.

Here’s the thing: I wanted kids from the time I was pretty young. But I wouldn’t admit it – certainly not to others, and almost not even to myself.

Having kids was synonymous with giving up, conforming, being dumb, not having any initiative, fleeing from an interesting life, becoming part of the problem, and not having anything better to do. None of my close female friends admitted to wanting kids. It was tacitly understood that if we ever got pregnant, it would be by accident, and we’d have to decide whether to have an abortion or not.

A couple years ago I wrote a piece for Live Action about the anti-humanist bent of abortion advocates. It is my contention that people support abortion not so much because they don’t believe the fetus is a human being, but because they do believe the fetus is a human being, and they don’t particularly like human beings.

Do they really, though? you’re asking. Do they really dislike human beings?

Yeah. Yeah, they do.


“Pro-lifers only care about babies before they’re born–not after.”?

Ohio Right to Life thanks YOU

Dear Pro-Life Ohio,

Have you ever heard someone say, “Pro-lifers only care about babies before they’re born–not after.”?

Ohio Right to Life wanted to combat this accusation by calling pro-life pregnancy help centers (PHCs) to get some solid data on how much the pro-life movement is helping babies both inside and outside of the womb.

What we found was inspiring.

To express our appreciation and to spread awareness about pro-life Ohio’s work, we have developed the following video. Share this video with your friends and family. Pro-life Ohio is making an impact and we need to encourage each other to keep up the life-giving work.

Please click on the following image to watch the video:
Do we REALLY care about babies?
Do we REALLY care about babies?
Yours for Life,

Ohio Right to Life Logo  The mission of Ohio Right to Life is to promote and defend the right to life of all innocent human beings, from the time of fertilization until natural death.

To learn more about Ohio Right to Life please visit our website at

Ohio abortion clinic closings likely to accelerate under new state regulations

Ohio abortion clinic closings likely to accelerate under new state regulations


By Jeremy Pelzer, Northeast Ohio Media Group 
on October 24, 2013 at 8:00 AM, updated October 24, 2013 at 2:40 PM

Plain Dealer on Abortion Clinic Closings

Several abortion clinics in Ohio have either closed this year or are in danger of shutting down thanks to new regulations included in the state budgetManuel Balce Ceneta l Associated Press

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story stated, in error, that the Capital Care Women’s Center in Toledo was reportedly planning to close Wednesday. The facility remains open while they appeal a state closure order.

COLUMBUS, Ohio—At the start of 2013, there were 14 abortion clinics in Ohio.

Today, there are 11. And thanks to newly enacted state restrictions, at least two more facilities are reportedly in danger of closing.

If the trend continues, large swaths of the state could soon be left without any abortion providers at all.

“You could be looking at everything west of Columbus being gone in fairly quick order,” said Kellie Copeland, director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio.

So far this year, three abortion clinics in Ohio have shut their doors: the Cleveland Center for Women’s Health, Capital Care Network of Cuyahoga Falls, and the Center for Choice in Toledo.

Two other clinics are in danger of going out of business: Toledo’s other abortion provider, Capital Care Women’s Center, as well as a fifth clinic in suburban Cincinnati.

The Cleveland Center for Women’s Health closed because of Ohio’s ban on late-term abortions, according to both pro- and anti-abortion activists. The Cuyahoga Falls clinic closed in April after failing a state health and safety inspection, the Dispatch reported.

The other clinics’ troubles stem from a provision in the state budget prohibiting abortion centers from entering into required contracts, called transfer agreements, with public hospitals.

The budget also gives the director of the Ohio Department of Health the authority to unilaterally revoke variance waivers, which clinics can receive to operate without a transfer agreement.

The ban on transfer agreements with public hospitals was drawn up specifically to target Toledo’s two abortion clinics, both of which had agreements with the University of Toledo Medical Center, said Mike Gonidakis, president of Ohio Right To Life.

Gonidakis noted that health inspectors also found several health and safety violations at the Center For Choice, including expired medicine, insufficient protection against infections, and rusty and moldy operating-room equipment, according to the Dispatch. The center closed in June.

The Women’s Med Center in Sharonville is also reportedly in danger of shutting down after the ODH pulled its variance waivers and declined to renew its operating license after finding safety and training violationsaccording to the Cincinnati Enquirer.

However, Jennifer Branch, an attorney for the Women’s Med Center, told Northeast Ohio Media Group on Thursday that the facility is appealing to the ODH. In a statement, Branch said the clinic “has no plans to close its doors.”

The Women’s Med Center’s other abortion clinic, in Dayton, also operates with a variance waiver. Copeland said it’s likely to be next clinic targeted, though Branch said that the ODH hasn’t notified the facility of any problems.

The remaining eight abortion clinics in Ohio – three in Cleveland, three in Columbus, and one each in Akron and Cincinnati – each have transfer agreements in effect with private hospitals, according to the Dispatch.

Copeland called the new regulations “an abuse of the regulatory process” and said closing clinics would hurt the safety of women.

“Some women will turn to desperate measures,” she said. “Some women will travel out of state. Some women will continue pregnancies for a lot of good reasons they didn’t want to have to continue.”

Earlier this month, the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio filed a lawsuitagainst the transfer agreement clause and other anti-abortion measures in the state budget.

But Gonidakis said the Gov. John Kasich’s administration is just enforcing laws that neither of his two predecessors – Democrat Ted Strickland and Republican Bob Taft – had an appetite to enforce.

“Frankly, the bottom line is that our governor doing his job,” Gonidakis said.

Ohio law prohibits the use of state money to directly fund abortions, Gonidakis said, and the practice of public hospitals entering transfer agreements with abortion clinics was an indirect way of using tax dollars to support killing unborn children.

“I don’t think one specific law will close all abortion clinics,” he said when asked about the possibility. “I think it’s a combination of enforcing the law, passing common-sense laws, and then the culture changing.”

More than 25,000 abortions were performed in Ohio last year, according to the Ohio Department of Health – an increase of about 3 percent compared to 2011.

Today, the Plain Dealer ran the story “Ohio abortion clinic closings likely to accelerate under new state regulations.” Please find the article attached as a PDF, as well as copied below.


As you know, pro-life Ohio has made considerable progress this year. A major Ohio news outlet gives rather fair coverage to that progress in this story. Though it is simply factual, the article’s opening is encouraging for us: “At the start of 2013, there were 14 abortion clinics in Ohio. Today, there are 11.” The article even includes the health and safety violations found at the Center for Choice in Toledo. Hopefully, this story will spread more awareness about the risks abortion clinics pose to women.


Ohio Right to Life continues to be encouraged by the closing of abortion clinics, as well as the Plain Dealer’s fair treatment of those closings in this article.


God bless,

Katie McCann

Public Relations Manager

Ohio Right to Life

88 East Broad Street, Suite 620

Columbus, Ohio 43215



Mandatory Fee Has All Obamacare Plans in Rhode Island Paying for Abortions

Mandatory Fee Has All Obamacare Plans in Rhode Island Paying for Abortions

by Barth Bracy | Providence, RI | | 10/23/13 6:23 PM

In today’s “PolitiFact” piece, the Providence Journal confirmed the existence of the mandatory abortion fee in HealthSource RI, Rhode Island’s Obamacare exchange, which was first exposed by the Rhode Island State Right to Life Committee (RIRTL) last June.

All of the 28 plans available through HealthSource RI include coverage for elective abortion and, thus, under the provisions of the Obamacare law (45 CFR § 156.280, PPACA Section 1303), require the insurers to collect from each enrollee in these plans separate premium payments to pay for the elective abortions covered under the plan.

The law requires that the additional mandatory abortion fee be charged to all enrollees in the health plan “without regard to the enrollee’s age, sex, or family status” and whether they object to abortion or not. And if the premium for the plan is paid for by direct deposit from an employee’s pay, the employer will be required to make a separate direct deposit for the abortion fee.

“PolitiFact” disagreed with RIRTL that NARAL board member and R.I. Governor Lincoln Chafee is responsible for the mandatory abortion fee even though the exchange was established and operates under his executive order, and even though his administration opposed legislative attempts at providing alternative plans for conscientious individuals who object to paying a mandatory abortion fee.


Senior class of high school “in the middle of nowhere” takes on abortion, asks you to join them nationwide on Dec. 6

Senior class of high school “in the middle of nowhere” takes on abortion, asks you to join them nationwide on Dec. 6



Youth gather at the 2013 March for Life in Washington D.C.

Most high school seniors seem to be focused on college plans or the senior prom. Katie Greenwood is focused on ending abortion.

Katie attends St. John’s Catholic High School in Beloit, KS, which she describes as “literally in the middle of nowhere.” But it’s from this small Kansas town that the high school has taken on a new national project, along with the help of their religion teacher,  Andrew Niewald, called Catholic School Life Rally 2013.

On Dec. 6, the senior class of St. John’s—all 10 of them, in a school of 40—is asking Catholic and Protestant schools nationwide to join them by peacefully protesting at an abortion clinic close to them. And close is a relative word because the students of St John’s don’t even have an abortion clinic within three hours of them. Katie says:

“We have to journey over three hours to get to the closest abortion clinic, but each year, the entire high school packs up and makes this trek to stand up for the unborn as well as using this opportunity as a means of educating ourselves on the reality of abortion.”

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The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR)

CBR Abortion Signs

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) is working to establish prenatal justice and the right to life for the unborn, the disabled, the infirm, the aged and all vulnerable peoples through education and the development of cutting edge educational resources.

CBR’s projects include the Reproductive “Choice” Campaign, the Genocide Awareness ProjectMatthew 28:20, and AbortionNO.

CBR also publishes educational resources and conducts seminars to establish the humanity of the unborn and the inhumanity of abortion.

CBR was founded in July of 1990 as a privately-funded, non-profit educational corporation.

CBR operates on the principle that abortion represents an evil so inexpressible that words fail us when attempting to describe its horror. Until abortion is seen, it will never be understood.

CBR is strictly non-violent. We oppose violence against babies and against the abortionists who kill them. We do not engage in civil disobedience. All activities fall within the legal bounds of the First Amendment. Just as Dr. King sought to create a “creative tension” to awaken the nation to the horrible injustice of segregation, we too are creating a “creative tension” to awaken the nation to the horrible injustice of abortion.

“We need to make sure that no college student in America graduates without seeing GAP (Genocide Awareness Project) and becoming aware of the reality of abortion.” University of Alabama student Joanna Robinson

More: Center for Bio-Ethical Reform